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Padded Elbow Sleeve

Padded Elbow Sleeve


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Neoprene Padded Elbow Sleeve.

When the tissue in the joint degenerates, mainly the cartilage tissue, any movement causes aches or pains in severe cases. This is because the bones are rigid and rub off against one another. The same is the case with the joints present in the elbow. Degeneration can happen due to different factors; old age being the most common amongst all.

To improve muscle movement, Freeman’s padded elbow sleeve is made from a flexible and stretchable material that easily molds according to the shape of the arm. Muscles become stiff when the movement is restricted due to pain in joints. These elbow sleeves come in different sizes to allow for a better fit and necessary pressure on the elbow; a fitting too tight or too lose would not give patients the results that they require. That is why it is important that you select an item that is able to provide you with the support you need in order relieve pain from the joints.

The material also retains heat, which is important for any therapy purposes. The warmth also helps in relieving pains and discomforts during any mobility of the elbow. The additional padded cushion on the elbow provides comfort and support while moving the joint. The cushion also protects the bones, therefore the joint, from being exposed to direct contact with the hard surfaces. This helps to prevent further injuries.

The Neoprene elbow sleeve is made from a tough material that ensures durability. The resilience makes sure that this support can be worn all day long without any fear of it being torn apart. For those who take part in sports, this item makes elbow movement more efficient with minimum or no ache. These can be worn even during the night to ease pain in the joint due to degraded tissue and also due to cool weather.

Sized according to largest circumference measurement of the forearm.

Size Forearm Circumference
Small 9"-10"
Medium 10"-11"
Large 11"-12"
X-Large 12"-13"

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