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Tennis Elbow Band

Tennis Elbow Band


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Tennis Elbow Band. 

Tennis Elbow is a common condition used by overuse of arm, forearm and hand muscles ultimately resulting in elbow pain. The resulting medical condition is caused by an abrupt or subtle injury of skeletal muscles, ligaments and tendons of the elbow region. In medical terminology, tennis elbow is referred as lateral epicondylitis which suggest that it is caused due to inflammation of lateral epicondyles. People are usually affected with tennis elbow in their dominant arm due to excessive usage of muscles, tendons and ligaments. For all the athletes, tennis players and other sportsman who are at greater risk of developing tennis elbow can now ease the suffering of tennis elbow with our exclusively designed and manufactured Tennis Elbow Splint

Our carefully manufactured Tennis Elbow Splint involves simple and basic construction. It is built of delicate froth inward fixing with cotton backing. Circle and-bolt snare 'n heap conclusion for application without help. Use is demonstrated for brief help of intense or perpetual irritation of the elbow. Support ought to be worn amid athletic movement as it were.

The basic working mechanism of our tennis elbow strap is easy to understand by a nonprofessional. Tennis Elbow bands work as a counter force acting on the muscles including extensors particularly carpi radialis and flexors. Using a Tennis Elbow Splint significantly produces more pain free force with a greater muscular strength.

The Freeman Tennis Elbow Splint with dynamic pain diffusion abilities is designed to secure and support forearm muscles and tendons that are over-used or strained. The Tennis Elbow Splint is proven effective for repetitive gripping activities. Tennis Elbow Splint is a pressure gadget intended to bolster lower arm muscles that are over-practiced or strained amid athletic, recreation, or work exercises. The tennis elbow prop is one of a kind since it has a strengthened cushion that serenely shape to the lower arm and affixes safely with terminations. The tennis elbow support assimilates and administers the strengths that cause torment, alleviates weight on the lower arm muscles and their connections, and diminishes aggravation.

Sized according to forearm circumference.

Regular (7-1/2"-12")
Large (12"-16")

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