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Tennis Elbow Support Brace

Tennis Elbow Support Brace


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Neoprene Tennis Elbow Sleeve. 

Tennis Elbow is the pain associated with the inflammation caused by over use or over extension of the muscles in the region of the joint, often from activities that are in constant use of the elbow and it's supporting muscles (like in tennis). This compression sleeve acts as a preventative measure and non-invasive, affordable and easy treatment of tennis elbow (or latera epicondylitis properly) and it's associated pain.

By keeping the muscles warm and preventing full expansion of the forearm muscles, proper form for healing and prevention of over-use is activated. Furthermore, the athlete was kept in mind when this device was designed. It was designed not to slide up or down using a non-slide material and a variety sizes to fit the patient appropriately. The design also prevents rolling unlike some others on the market. Most important to some athletes, it also employs a hygienic quality to the design in perforation of the medial side for ventilation of sweat and bodily fluids so you can be as hygienic as possible when using this product frequently and/or for extended periods of time. The cushion-like material also acts to prevent injury, cuts or scraps to the skin in the event of a fall. The nude color also makes it less noticeable to an audience and employs a loop and lock strap for easy adjustment and optimal effectiveness.

This sleeve was designed purely for athletic activity and should only be worn as an athletic sleeve during your rigorous activity. Other products can be purchased and used for treatment during the rest of your daily activities or at night. Please consult your physician to discuss use of this type of product and any changes you may apply to your current schedule of activities for assistance in optimal healing.

Sized according to largest circumference measurement of the forearm.

Size Forearm Circumference
X-Small 8"-9"
Small 9"-10"
Medium 10"-11"
Large 11"-12"
X-Large 12"-13"

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