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Freeman Men's Cinch-It Dorsolumbar Support

Freeman Men's Cinch-It Dorsolumbar Support

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Poor posture and back pain have many causes. While some back issues are not fixable with surgery or medications, many of their associated symptoms can be alleviated by wearing a proper back brace. For men experiencing pain, weakness and poor dorsolumbar posture along the length of the spine, the male dorsolumbar back support with a cinch-it front closure provides support and relief for many back conditions. 

Made in MichiganWhy this Back Brace is best for Dorsolumbar Posture Support and Correction?

Designed to address lower, mid and upper back issues, the dorsolumbar back support effectively aligns the lumbar and dorsal spine. In doing so, it reduces spasms and alleviates muscle aches as it supports the soft tissues in the lower spinal area. 

The male dorsolumbar back brace supports ligaments, tendons and muscles firmly, yet is comfortable enough to wear daily. With self-adjusting shoulder straps and easy to open and close cinch-it front straps, this back brace can be worn comfortably and discreetly under clothing for pain relief and support. 

Conditions that respond to Dorsolumbar Posture Support

There are many different types of back braces on the market, but each type caters to specific back problems. The dorsolumbar posture back brace provides support and pain relief for a number of problematic back and spine issues. 

Scoliosis: An “S” curvature of the spine, scoliosis is not always a cause for surgery. In fact, many men with the condition get pain relief and posture correction simply by wearing a back brace such as this daily.

Osteoporosis: Men who suffer this bone-deteriorating disease can wear the dorsolumbar posture support for almost instant relief. 

Arthritis: Arthritis in the spine responds well to the added support of a dorsolumbar support. Back injury can also lead to arthritis later on in the area of injury. This type of brace alleviates the symptoms associated with this type of arthritis as well. 

Lordosis: This inward curvature of the spine causes extremely poor posture. The dorsolumbar back brace helps correct this problem to help sufferers stand straight and tall.

The dorsolumbar posture support can also be used as an abdominal support, as well as a brace for mild spinal fractures. 

The dorsolumbar back brace comes in a variety of sizes (hips 32-inches to 48-inches) to fit most men. It has elastic releases at the top and at the groin so the brace can be worn comfortably for hours without pulling or rubbing. The cool canvas material offers superior skin breathability. 

Adjustment: Three-pull side lace.
Front Closure: Four 1-1/2" wide cinch-pull adjustable straps.
Materials: White canvas.
Elastic Releases: At top and groin.
Preshaped Steels: One pair 19".
Flexible Stays: Front, side and back.
Even Hip Sizes: 32-48
Special Features: This Cinch-It Support is especially designed for patients with arthritic hands lacking dexterity to use conventional snap-button/hook-and-eye closure. Also suitable for patients who simply want a quick and easy-to-fit adjustable front. This Dorsolumbar has self-adjusting, removable shoulder straps.
Comments: For replacement perineal straps, order Model PS. For replacement shoulder straps, order Model 66011.

Sizes Dev.   Front Back
32-38 4" Above Waist 2" 11-1/2"
Below Waist 7-3/4" 10-3/4"
40-48 4" Above Waist 2-1/2" 11-1/2"
Below Waist 8-1/4" 10-3/4"

Additional Options: Perineal straps available upon request.

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  1. Back feels so much better when on.

     Oct 21st 2018 4 Star Review

    Just had to try to see if it would help. Makes me feel so much better, you can feel the pressure come off the spine. Would recommend to any one with constant back pain.


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