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Cinch-Pull Wraparound Lumbosacral w/Steel Stays

Cinch-Pull Wraparound Lumbosacral w/Steel Stays

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Cinch-Pull Lumbosacral Wraparound w/Steel Stays

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With the increasing number of lower back disorders, it has become extremely significant to use lumbosacral belts for treating the pain. These wraparounds are specifically designed to reduce excessive weight from the lower back by transferring it to the abdomen. It creates an optimal environment for fast and uninterrupted healing. It works effectively for most of the lumbar spine conditions including the muscle spasm. In fact, these braces are also advised by doctors for improving the body posture and treating the pain naturally. The supportive aspect of the belts prevents the moving of the injured tissues.

Made in MichiganCinch-Pull Wraparound Lumbosacral w/Steel Stays 980 is one such innovative support belt that comes with huge number of benefits. It can be used for various purposes and in numerous spine conditions.

Product Description:
This brace works by reducing the pressure and load on the spine and thus eventually improves the body posture. A top-quality fabrication from the premium elastic material provides comfort to the user. It also ensures proper air circulation inside the brace for sweat-free and relaxed use. It is light in weight and provides extra protection and support to sidestep any possibility of injury.

The wraparound can be worn in various spine conditions. Whether you need stability of your back after surgery or need to lessen the pain, the brace is immensely efficient in achieving it. The increased elasticity of the belt allows a more customized fit. It enables the belt to accommodate according to the natural and in-built contours of the lower body.

Additional Specifications:
This lumbosacral wraparound features one-way stretch elastic incorporated with a hook 'n pile closure. This design is extremely beneficial in ensuring ease of wearing and removing the belt. There are two detachable pre-bent steel stays fixed to the brace for fastening it properly. The stays make sure that the belt remains intact even when you wear it all day long. They are flexible and attached both at the front and back side of the corset.

The belt has a front height of 8.5 inches and back height of 14 inches. The increased back portion of the belt is for added stability of the back. The product comes in a wide range of sizes, so you can easily measure your hip circumference and purchase it for you. But always keep in mind to measure the fullest part of your hips i.e. including buttocks.

Special Feature:
The Cinch-pull strap integrated in the overall design of the brace has made it more useful. Cinch-pull strap is adjustable according to the preference. It is secured to the wide elastic back sling in remarkable fashion. The main function of this strap is to offer additional lower back and abdominal support. The weight is evenly distributed and lifted from the area of injury very effectually.

Cinch-pull Wraparound Lumbosacral w/Steel Stays 980 is designed with compression. So, if you usually consider the higher size range for yourself, it is advisable to go a size up for this brace. It will work best for you and will fit flawlessly.

Note: Taller version of Model 976.

Front height: 8-1/2"
Back height: 14"

Sizes (sized according to hip measurement):
S (30"-33")
M (34"-37")
L (38"-41")
XL (42"-45")
2XL (46"-50")

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