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Freeman Combo LSO Sacro-Form w/Elastic Front

Freeman Combo LSO Sacro-Form w/Elastic Front

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For individuals who suffer from lower back pain or the pelvic pain, the Combo LSO Sacro-Form w/Elastic Front can provide welcome relief.

Made in MichiganWhile the LSO Sacro-Form w/Elastic Front (8121E) is similar in construction to Model 8121, the primary difference is the inclusion of a lightweight plastic frame encased between a firm foam exterior and soft foam liner, rather than an aluminum frame. Thanks to the use of this lightweight plastic frame, you can enjoy enhanced comfort while wearing this belt. 

The LSO Sacro-Form also features an elastic front closure in addition to a 5” heavy elastic compression band. A hook n pile closure works to secure the elastic front and compression band. Plastic reinforcement is also included in the elastic front closure. 

When ordering the LSO Sacro-Form belt, it is important to ensure you choose the correct size. If you are not certain which size is appropriate for your needs, be sure to measure around the hips. If you are between the sizes, order the next size up to ensure you are comfortable when you are wearing the belt. 

Who Should Wear the LSO Sacro-Form Belt?

The LSO Sacro-Form belt is a good choice for treating lower back pain experienced along either side of the spine, known as the sacrum. This type of joint pain often arises when the SI joints that connect the sacrum to the pelvis become damaged. These joints are contained inside extremely strong ligaments. As long as these ligaments are healthy, there are usually no problems. When these ligaments become injured, diseased, worn down, or simply no longer work properly, the joints they encase may begin to move excessively. In some cases, you will find that this can occur due to osteoarthritis. Regardless of the reason, when the SI joints move too much, it can create pain in the pelvis and lower back. 

A sacroiliac belt, such as the LSO Sacro-Form, works to alleviate pain in the pelvis and lower back by generating compression around the hip area. This compression prevents the SI joints from moving excessively. 

The hook n pile closure on the LSO Sacro-Form belt combined with the elastic front helps to ensure you receive the proper amount of compression around the hips to relieve pain in the SI joints. The distinct design of this belt also helps to ensure it is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and can even be worn when you are on the job. For individuals who must move around or sit for long periods of time, this sacroiliac belt can provide welcome relief and make it possible to work longer without suffering from pelvic or hip pain.  

Back height: 12"

Sizes (sized according to hip circumference):
S (28"-32")
M (34"-38")
L (40"-44")
XL (46"-48")
2XL (50"-52")

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