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Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral

Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral

L0625 GY
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Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral

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The Crisscross wraparound is a great system used for the relief of those nagging back pains caused by damage to the lower back region, and chronic muscle fatigue. For that firm back support with the benefit of great posture, the Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral is design with the knowledge of what makes a good back support to ease a wide range of lower back problems such as those mild low back pain ; Lumbar muscle weakness; Lumbar sprains and strains associated with chronic back pain fatigue, and discogenic thoracolumbar pain. 

It takes into consideration that those persons with those pesky back injuries want to live a full and productive life despite the fact that they are often plagued with lower back pain issues. What the Crisscross Wraparound lumbosacral does is give the individual back his life and that sense of security that they can wear a back support without having to worry about discomfort or chafing. Daily activities for lasting wear is what the Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral provides and its instant success with person who invest in this back brace comes from the fact that it derives genuine relief and comfort while lessening pain through that added and reliable support which eases the burdens linked to daily activities. 

Made from durable latex and free elastic construction it has a one-way hook and loop closure for secure fastening. It is fitted with a 6 inch wide elastic bands that overlaps and allows the apparel to fit quite snugly on a variety of body types, lessening the clustering effect of an ill fitted girdle. Another distinct feature is its signature 3 inch wide elastic crisscross bands designed in the back to provide that much needed lower back support. With flexible lateral and oblique stays to avert rolling.

It is definitely a product made to endure the wear and tear of everyday activities. It has a waist that contours for excellent and maximum support that only the Crisscross Wraparound is cable of delivering. For optimum compression it offers up two elastic side pulls and four modifiable posterior stays devised for perfect balance, stability and support.

Measurement tips:

Measure your hips by using a tape measure around the fullest part of your hip to include buttocks. The Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral Support is designed with compression. This allows you to find a better hip size by increasing measurements by one size. Also check for height measurements and constantly refer to chart specifications for proper height and development.

Seeing that there may be vast differences in individuals seeking to wear the Crisscross Wraparound Lumbosacral Support (969), there are size charts and measurements by sizes that can be used as guidelines to obtain your perfect fit.

Although this product comes with fitting instructions it is recommended that instructions from a professional fitter in your area is required as improper fitting may cause further injury and discomfort.

Front height: 7"
Back height: 10"

Sizes (sized according to hip measurement):
XS (26"-29")
S (30"-33")
M (34"-37")
L (38"-41")
XL (42"-45")

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