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Traction Belt w/Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels

Traction Belt w/Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels

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Coping with lower back pains can severely inhibit one's lifestyle or even one's ability to remain mobile and ambulatory, and since 85% of low back pain is still undiagnosable and therefore difficult to prescribe suitable treatment, the best thing is to attempt to relieve pain using the simplest and non-invasive methods possible. DDS ambulatory traction is the simplest and by far the most reliable forms of treatment. The DDS Ambulatory Traction Belt w/Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels (956) is one of the most adaptable back braces.

How the DDS Back Brace Works?

Well, it's simple. The vertically expandable columns create a virtual support between the upper part of the hip and the lower part of the rib cage. This generates some forces that work your lower backbone as well as spinal decompression of the lumbar vertebrae. When the intervertebral disc space is increased, pressure applied on the nerve root is alleviated. This in turn eliminates lower back pain while enhancing active-rehabilitation. For spinal restoration and stabilization, the DDS back brace utilizes rigid anterior and posterior panels which are effectively designed for that role.

Advantages of DDS Back Brace

  • The brace is user-friendly and lightweight
  • It's extremely comfortable and can be worn under clothing
  • It's machine washable and long-lasting
  • It features developed tubeless air cell design for narrow fit

Key Features:


  • In many cases, patients fail to tolerate the rigid body jacket. The DDS easily converts to soft a LSO, providing a reliable alternative to patients requiring lower back support without sacrificing flexibility. As they progress, less support is needed, and therefore, the removable rigid panes can be detached to create a semi-rigid reinforcement with one or no support panels. As a matter of fact, its removable rigid panels make it the most versatile back brace.


  • With the DDS ambulatory brace, you can't just sit at home doing nothing. It's thin, lightweight and user-friendly, and therefore, you can comfortably wear it under your clothes as you perform your day-to-day activities such as gardening, walking and driving. It's ideal for those with an active lifestyle to work, enjoy sporting activities, etc without feeling any pain. Beyond any reasonable doubt, DDS back brace will facilitate your recovery process helping you enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult.

Who Can Use DDS Ambulatory Brace?

Of course, the brace is ideal for those doing strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and/or long driving hours. DDS is also quite beneficial for individuals who recently had a back surgery as it can help relieve symptoms like minor back spasms and pain. It also protects the surgical correction. The brace is also ideal for those suffering from sciatica, lumbar acute/chronic pain, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis, congenital weakness in the waist, just to mention a few. If you're suffering from one of the aforementioned conditions, you should consider the reasons why DDS back brace is a good idea for you. A back brace may not necessarily be in this season's fashion, but the benefits that you can get from wearing it can make it all worth-while.

Sizes (according to waist circumference):
Small (26"-28")
Medium (29"-32")
Large (33"-35")
X-Large (36"-38")
2X-Large (39"-41")
3X-Large (42"-44")
4X-Large (45"-48")
5X-Large (48"-51")

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