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Elastic Lumbosacral Wraparound

Elastic Lumbosacral Wraparound

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Elastic Lumbosacral Wraparound

This is a Special Order item. Only made on demand. Please allow 4-6 weeks for braces to be shipped.

The innovative Elastic Lumbosacral Wraparound with Vinyl Back & Steel Stays provides the perfect lower back support for active patients. Handy and homey, this lumbosacral support is must-have for anyone with lower back and spine problems. It comes in a unisex design made of elastic, lightweight materials (vinyl and flannel) and elastic belts for ultra variable compression of the sacral and lumbar spine. With such incredible flexibility, patients around the world now have a reason to smile.

The sleek and fitting design makes it invisible when worn under clothing to the office or a meeting. The tapered cut makes it comfortable and, therefore perfect for an all-day wear. It stays homely on the body even when worn for extended periods of time and can help you improve your performance in demanding jobs such as driving or lifting heavy objects.

The benefits
If you wear it as directed, it will extend your lower back enabling you to assume an upright gait, therefore, lowering the pressure on pain bearing structures such as nerve roots, ligaments, and muscles. It will also correctly align and support your spine while helping you manage pains such as lumbago, osteochondrosis and more. You enjoy high-performance that increases your abdominal stability making it easy to perform everyday tasks. 

If you have repetitive back problems or arthritis, this innovational brace will support your lumbar and properly orient your back. The design is carefully crafted to enhance and alleviate muscles spasms that many patients experience when recovering from injury or surgery. For those trying to ease pain quickly or lower the risk or worsening of your existing conditions, it perfectly fits the bill. Essentially, it is engineered for utmost support and strength.

The flannel fabric and the vinyl back are flexible which allows them to adapt to a wide range of body types and shapes. And they neither slip nor irritate the body in any way when in use. The four flexible steel stays at the back further increase comfort and if you prefer, you can remove them as they are easily detachable.

Discomfort and excessive sweating is a big issue when it comes to most orthotic braces and that's why this lumbosacral wraparound was designed with that in mind. The vinyl back is flannel-lined and perforated to ensure superior comfort and curtail perspiration. That way, you feel cool, fresh and dry all day long.

Most patients will appreciate how easy to get used to the lumbosacral brace and how it quickly strengthens weak lumbar and lumbosacral muscles. The elasticity of the brace and the smooth texture of the inner linings means it is light and gentle on the body which will prevent undue sensitivity.

Adjustment and removal
With its two sturdy independently adjustable, elastic closure belts attached to corresponding foam-pile belts for independent, changeable compression of the lumbosacral and lumbar spine, you get exceptional ease when wearing, adjusting or removing. It is excellent for patients who want an easy-to-fit adjustable front.

Sizes and measurements
There are up to 6 sizes available according to hip size so you can be sure to find one that dovetails nicely with your body. You can choose from XS (26"-29"), S (30"-34"), M (35"-38"), L (39"-42"), XL (43"-46").

Durability and maintenance
The flannel material is easily washable while the vinyl back is thermoplastic making it tougher and more tolerant to wear and tear. In addition, it is eco-friendly and easily recyclable once the lumbosacral wraparound has reached its end life.

Front height: Adjustable 8"-10"

Back height: 11"

Sizes (sized according to hip measurement):
XS (26"-29")
S (30"-34")
M (35"-38")
L (39"-42")
XL (43"-46")

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