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Elastic Wraparound Lumbosacral Support Lower Back Brace Slimming Belt

Elastic Wraparound Lumbosacral Support Lower Back Brace Slimming Belt

L0625 GY
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A Solution to a Throbbing and Aching Back:

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Life can get pretty painful with all the demands of work, school, and raising a family. Who can say that they don’t experience pain in their body on some level? Not many people that’s for sure, and especially those individuals who are on their feet and have jobs that require them to lift objects have it especially bad. A lumbosacral elastic wraparound support accessory is a viable and extremely efficient option to carry you through your day with ease and flexibility.

Model 972 Lumbosacral Wraparound:

  •  A life saver for those who can’t stop working but are in so much pain they can’t make it through the day.
  • The lumbosacral back brace can be your best friend with the support and flexibility it offers.
  • Affordable, comfortable, and an excellent way to correct any hunched over back or shoulders that can lead to chronic pain.

Lumbosacral Elastic Wraparound has got your back:

With its snug hook-n-pile closure and one-way stretch elastic material, a person will be able improve posture while enjoying a wide range of mobility and flexibility. As the consumer culture that we live in as a society continues to move towards a mindset of instant gratification, the rates of obesity have steadily increased. This puts an enormous amount of strain on the body’s ability to hold itself upright due to the excess weight pulling it down. Maintaining proper posture is key to strengthening the muscles around your core. 

  • Flexibility is a key feature of the elastic wraparound helping you to perform your work with an effortless flow.
  • There’s no greater investment you can make in your back’s health than to support yourself with an elastic wraparound lumbosacral support.

Posture Therapy with a Flexible Elastic Lumbosacral Wraparound:

If you aren’t overweight, but have injured your lumbar system through work or an accident, you can get back to your passion sooner than you thought. The discreet wrap around elastic material is great at applying a gentle pressure to keep your spine in an elongated fashion. This elongated back posture is something many of us fail to maintain throughout the day. Slouching and scrunching our shoulders forward creates an unnatural S shape of the spine. This S shape curvature of the spine is a signal that you are not standing up straight and tall. Without creating an arch in the spine which is not helpful, the lumbosacral wrap around will train your back to maintain this powerful position of erectness. You will carry yourself in a more confident, self-assured and relaxed way.

Front height: 5-1/2"
Back height: 10"

Sizes (sized according to hip circumference):
Small (30"-33")
Medium (34"-37")
Large (38"-41")
X-Large (42"-45")

This is a Special Order item. Please allow 4-6 weeks for out of stock braces to be shipped.

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