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FormFit Back Support w/Gelpad

FormFit Back Support w/Gelpad

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The Formfit back support with gel pad is a back brace that provides plenty of support for the lumbar region. It is perfect for weightlifters, people who have recently sustained back injuries, and anyone who needs extra lumbar support.

Optimum support for the back:

There are several ways in which this product is designed to provide the best possible support for the lumbar region. Firstly, it has been designed using state of the art three dimensional molding technology to ensure that it fits perfectly into the lower back region. The adjustable straps enable the wearer to make sure that the Formfit back support is just right for their body shape. These straps have a double pull design, so they are very easy to tighten. The result is a lumbar support brace that feels firm but comfortable - the ideal combination.

Gel pads for additional comfort:

The addition of soothing gel pads is ideal for providing a cushioning effect for the back. Wearers also have the option to purchase additional gel pads to give their backs even more of a comfy cushion. Alternatively, purchase some heatable and coolable gel pads and make use of hot/ cold technology: this is great for pain relief after a back injury. An indentation has been worked in to the main body of the brace so that the gel pads can be inserted and held in place. Adjusting the position of the brace will enable the wearer to ensure that the gel pad is placed exactly where it needs to be (for example over a bruised muscle that needs some extra protection).

Highly breathable:

This product is also very breathable, thanks to the careful choice of materials. This back brace is made of a fine mesh with built in ventilation holes all along its length. That means that even if you wear this back support product for workouts, or during hot weather, you will not feel your back getting unpleasantly hot and sweaty.

A back brace that will stay in place:

This back brace from FormFit is designed to stay in place no matter how long it is worn for. This is achieved by means of the built in gripper strips, which run all along the brace at periodic intervals. These enable the brace to stay where you want it to be, as they grip lightly but firmly and effectively onto your clothing.

How to wear this brace:

This brace is designed to be worn over clothing (for instance over a T shirt). However it can also be worn over a thin vest and beneath a collared shirt for the working day: it is so slim line in its design that no one will know you have it on.

What are the benefits of choosing this back brace from FormFit?

This back brace is very carefully designed to ensure that it works well with the wearer's body. It is adjustable and does not feel obtrusive to wear: thus, it provides all of the comfort and support that is needed without the wearer feeling like it is getting in the way. This back brace is a smart choice for anyone whose back needs extra support, whether that is during a weight training session or all through the working day. The versatility of this product is another big plus: it can be adapted with extra gel pads and hot and cold technology.

Front height: 6-1/2"
Back height: 9-3/4"

Sizes (sized according to waist circumference):
Small (25"-30")
Medium (30"-34")
Large (34"-38")
X-Large (38"-42")
2X-Large (42"-56")

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