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Freeman Men's Ultra Beige Lumbosacral Support

Freeman Men's Ultra Beige Lumbosacral Support

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Lower back pain in men can be caused by a number of conditions. Some of the prominent reasons may be a slipped disc, spinal stenosis or any other degenerative ailment. These ailments are liable to intensify when your core muscles are overworked. The pain could be worse if you have undergone a spine surgery. It can adversely affect the overall healing process. Thus, a lumbosacral support becomes extremely crucial for ensuring proper posture and lessened pain.

Please note: this item is being discontinued, as stock runs out your size may become unavailable.

Men’s Ultra Beige Lumbosacral Support 7522:
The main function of this Men’s Ultra Beige Lumbosacral Supports w/Steel is to support and enhance your back posture. It is a smartly designed corset that effectively protects your back from any further injury. It is fabricated from a beige colored soft polyester and cotton that features elasticity and breathable mesh material. This high-quality material ensures complete comfort by remarkable heat elimination.

The two pull side lace makes it extremely convenient to customize its fit according to your shape. The belt has a front closure with snap-button and reinforced hook-and-eye. This makes it super easy for you to flawlessly wear it around your back and tie it nicely. The corset provides precise support to the back which is required for relieving excessive pressure off your lower section. It also releases stress from within the spinal discs.

Beneficial Features of the Belt:-

Easy Adjustments:
The belt features a two pull side lace that not only provides easy adjust-ability but also ensures proper ventilation. It offers a more personalized fit and sits seamlessly at your natural body contours. A picture-perfect fit means a more efficient and effective treatment. When all your damaged discs and muscles are retained in proper posture, they become strong sooner.

Elastic Releases:
There are two elastic releases both at the top and groin. The elastic material is durable and remains as it is even after repeated washing. It comes quite handy and does not render your daily chores because of any discomfort.

Front Closure and Pre-shaped Steels:
The two pair of 12” pre-shaped steels is incorporated in this belt. So, the front closure and pre-shaped steels are the added advantages of this corset.

Flexible Stays:
Rigid and semi-rigid stays integrated in the front, back and side of this support brace are flexible and rust-resistant. They are already bent and plated to last long.

All-Inclusive Hip Sizes:
From 32 to 54, there is a wide range of sizes available in this belt for a man of any shape and size. The sizes are measured across hips.

Special Feature of the Belt:
An intently devised free-floating fly designed underneath the lacing makes this belt immensely useful. It prevents bunching and improves uniform side adjustments. The padded back panel is sturdy and comfortable because of the full flannel backing.

The lightweight and high-quality fabrication of this corset prevents the fatiguing of the muscles for fast recovery and ensures undisturbed healing process.

Comments: No snaps provided for perineal straps.
Note: Beige polyester/cotton version of Model 522.

Sizes Dev.   Front Back
32-34 4" Above Waist 1" 4"
Below Waist 7-1/2" 10"
36-38 4" Above Waist 1-1/2" 4"
Below Waist 7-1/2" 10"
40-54 3" Above Waist 2" 4"
Below Waist 8" 10"

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