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OrthoLux LSO w/Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels

OrthoLux LSO w/Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels

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The OrthoLux LSO with Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels is a modular back brace made with soft, breathable fabric. The unisex back brace features four rigid-polymer panels to restrict mobility comfortably while also providing a stable torso support system. 

Made in MichiganThe OrthoLux LSO's modular design provides ample patient comfort while providing good spinal and torso stabilization and support. The anterior panel allows the patient to increase abdominal compression. The posterior panel accommodates the patient’s natural spine curvature (lordosis).

The OrthoLux LSO's soft, tri-laminate fabric is breathable, moisture wicking and features four pockets containing the rigid molded polymer panels. Hook and loop panels separately attach each piece.
Medical back braces, also referred to as abdominal supports, are designed to provide external spinal support while limiting the mobility of the spine and torso. Back braces come in two types of systems: rigid and soft. The rigid systems such as the OrthoLux LSO can limit mobility up to 50-percent while also providing significant support to the spine and torso. The soft brace systems also provide support and allow more mobility than rigid systems, but are designed to limit forward spinal movement. Physicians prescribe either type of orthotics to facilitate a patient’s healing process either pre or post-operative or following an injury or trauma. Individuals should consult with their doctors about which type of brace is best for them.

The OrthoLux LSO with rigid anterior and posterior panels offers patients the following:

  • Unisex sizing for various torso widths and lengths
  • Optional front plate for fuller figures
  • Soft, breathable, washable, and moisture-absorbing fabric
  • Contoured high back for support and stabilization
  • Modular system including anterior, posterior and lateral pockets with molded polymer inserts
  • Easy to put on and comfortable to wear quality construction with adjustable D-ring strappings
  • LSO anterior and posterior extensions available separately
  • Detailed instructions included with each brace

The OrthoLux LSO with Rigid Anterior & Posterior Panels is indicated for numerous disorders and pathologies including, but not limited to:

  • compression fracture
  • burst fracture
  • postural support
  • chronic back pain
  • post laminectomy
  • herniated or bulging disc
  • spondylosis
  • spinal stenosis
  • inflammation or tumors

We recommend individuals wear an undershirt or t-shirt underneath the brace to help maintain the brace clean. Patients can wear back braces without an undershirt but could find the braces become dirty more quickly. OrthoLux makes the braces in both TLSO or LSO styles and numerous sizes and styles. 

Please refer to the two sizing charts below to determine the correct size for you.

Front: NT = neutral front, Back: 15 = 15 degrees lordosis.
(Other options available on special order basis only.)
See front & back height chart and size chart below.

OrthoLux Front & Back Height Chart

Size Front Height Back Height
Fabric Insert Fabric Insert
Small 9-1/2" 8-1/8" 14-1/4" 13-3/8"
Medium 10-3/8" 8" 15-3/4" 13-1/2"
Large 10-1/2" 8-1/4" 16" 13-5/8"
X-Large 11-3/8" 8-1/2" 16" 13-3/4"
2X-Large 11-3/8" 8-1/2" 18" 15-5/8"
3X-Large 11-5/8" 8-1/2" 18" 15-5/8"
4X-Large 11-5/8" 8-1/2" 18" 15-5/8"

OrthoLux Size Chart

Size Circumference
Hip Waist Rib
Small 29"-35" 28"-34" 28"-34"
Medium 32"-39" 30"-37" 30"-36"
Large 36"-42" 34"-42" 34"-40"
X-Large 39"-47" 38"-45" 38"-45"
2X-Large 45"-52" 43"-51" 43"-51"
3X-Large 51"-56" 47"-55" 47"-55"
4X-Large 57"-63" 53"-61" 53"-61"

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