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Stress Belt Elastic Wraparound Lumbosacral Lower Back Support

Stress Belt Elastic Wraparound Lumbosacral Lower Back Support

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Lower back pains are a menace especially to construction and extreme workout individuals. This cases are usually due to lifting,bending or twisting wrongly. It gets worse if you are diagnosed with chronic cases such as degenerative disc disease or disk injury. If not treated or managed properly, lower back pain may paralyses your life. One of the many remedies used is the use of Lower back braces. Lower back braces offer additional support to the lumbar bone structure and spine muscles. They help reduce pain resulting from strenuous activities by giving you a proper spine posture. This later reduces the pain caused by applied pressure to the spinal nerves. 

Stress Belt Elastic Wraparound Lumbosacral 950 is one of the best lower back brace recommended by many doctors to the spinal injury patients. You can wear it under your garment as you carry on with work as a back pain reliever. It comes in the lucrative black color that is convenient for everyone. This belt consist of an elastic mesh that stresses in two ways. Lumbosacral 950 has a hook 'n pile closure and separate flexible waist band. This hip brace is sized depending on your hip circumference and not your waist. Your hip perimeter for clarity comprises of your hips and buttocks area. The whole theme behind the design of Lumbosacral is compression. So it’s best to go up a size for better results and comfort.

When to use Lumbosacral 950

Generally Lumbosacral 950 back brace is recommended for use when you are experiencing lower back pain and discomfort. The amount of time you wear the brace depends on the level of discomfort experienced such as chronic or acute pain. For short lived pain you are required to put on the stress belt during the pain period until it subsides. While for chronic pain incidences, you are required to wear the stress belt throughout while working.

Whether working or playing extreme sports, Lumbosacral 950 has vast benefits in eliminating acute or chronic lower back pain. You stand to gain:

  • Prevention of scoliosis in adolescents. You can use Lumbosacral 950 back brace for lower back pain resulting from structural hitches such as osteoporosis, sciatica, bulging discs, and scoliosis among adolescents.
  • Spinal support after surgery. Another great use is latter to a back surgery for quick recovery and rehabilitation. Lumbosacral 950 simply helps in stabilizing the spine.
  • Limiting spinal movement for quick recover in lower back injuries. Lumbosacral 950 support back brace is excellent in limiting lower spine movement stimulating the healing process.
  • Proper posture and minimizing acute lower back pains. As a lower back brace, Lumbosacral 950 supports the abdomen area helping in the promotion and improvement of good posture. As said earlier, a good lower back brace eliminates pressure applied on your spinal area giving you relief from lower back pains.
  • You will carry on with your activity despite having an injury. As a lower back pain reliever, Lumbosacral 950 will enable you to carry on with work despite sustaining a spinal injury. It helps keeps strain away from your injured spinal region.

Front: 5-1/2"
Back: 9"

S (30"-34")
M (34"-39")
L (39"-44")
XL (44"-50")
2XL (50"-56")

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