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Freeman EZ-Fit Lumbosacral Support

Freeman EZ-Fit Lumbosacral Support

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Unisex EZ-Fit Lumbosacral Support (573) belts by Freeman manufacturing co. are designed to support the back. They improve the posture, reduce back pain and minimize the risk of back strains and injuries. These belts provide optimum support to the weak back and control the unwanted lumber movements. This helps in speedy recovery of the strained and injured muscles, discs, ligaments, and tendons. This product is very similar to the model 572 but is designed for short and sturdy individuals.

About the product:
This lumbosacral belt can be used by both men and women. It has been designed for short and sturdy built people. This belt uses the pulley method to give a rigid and contoured fit to the patient’s body. It has been manufactured using the compression technology. Therefore, it is best to go for the next higher size if the measurements are on the edge of the high-end scale. This belt has been sized as per the hip circumference and the measurements have to be taken around the hips. The belt comes with a set of safety instructions. For proper fit and comfort, it is recommended that the help of a professional must be taken. A snug fit is essential to protect the body from any form of back injuries. The hook 'n’ pile feature with the side laces enable proper fitting of the belt. The laces can be adjusted for a good body fit.

Advantages of the using a Unisex EZ-Fit Lumbosacral Back Support (573):

Good posture:  These belts are suitable for regular wear so that a person can perform the daily activities with much ease. The belt allows the user to maintain correct posture while lifting bulky objects. They provide proper posture while walking and driving. It protects the core muscles from damage in the case of jerks and sudden movements.

Post injury healing:  This prevents the back from further injury if the user is recuperating from a back trouble. It facilitates speedy healing of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the back, by providing a comfortable yet rigid support.

Supports the core muscles:  A lumbosacral belt provides support and builds pressure around the core muscles. Weak core muscles lead to recurrent lower back problems. These belts shield the lumbar region and reduce the stress and weight pressure in the lower back area. Hence, these belts provide Lumbar spine stabilization, a perfect healing mechanism for painful spine conditions and low backaches.

Available in varied sizes:  The 573 lumbosacral belt is available in a variety of sizes for short height people. They come with laces to adjust the fitting of the belt as per the structure and fit of the body. Always consult a doctor for your back care, before wearing a lumbar support belt.

Adjustment: Hook 'n pile, two-pull side lace.
Front Closure: Overlapping hook 'n pile.
Materials: Unique stretch cotton.
Preshaped Steels: One pair 11".
Flexible Stays: Front, side and back.
Hip Sizes: S-XL
Comments: Designed for the short stocky figure. No provisions provided for perineal straps or hose supports.

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Sizes Hip
Dev. Depth
Front Back
Small 32"-37" 6"-7" 6-1/2" 12-1/2"
Medium 35"-41"
Large 39"-45"
X-Large 43"-49"

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