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Freeman Obesity Lumbosacral Support

Freeman Obesity Lumbosacral Support

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Men's Pendulous Lumbosacral Support

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Made in MichiganKeeping up a good posture isn't an easy job. According to an estimate 98% people carry a wrong posture throughout their lives without realizing it. Due to this very reason, many back problems occur in people for which they then start taking painkillers and go through various medical treatments. This means that a lot of people have to suffer from a lot of pain and agony just because of a bad posture. Some other problems like back sprains/strains, osteoarthritis, mild osteoporosis, etc. are also said to happen commonly in a lot of people. To take care of these issues, Freeman Manufacturers has presented yet another awesome product which promises to take care of the posture along with resolving the already current problems. Having good posture is one of the best ways to get rid of a lot of back problems.

The Men's Pendulous Lumbosacral Support is a kind of product that makes sure to decrease the spinal pressure and provide increased compression to the lumbosacral region. The said product serves as the perfect back support to help people get rid of various back problems. It increases compression at the lumbosacral region along with reinforcing it. It also contributes to eradicating the after effects of anti-inflammatory medicines. The focused compression quality of the product helps in lessening the symptoms of lower back problems and provides abdominal support.

This lumbosacral support is made up of a material that is adjustable with cupped front lifts. The foam is stretchable and breathable while its antibacterial TruTex promotes improved freshness. It has a snap button with reinforced hook-and-eye along with front side and back flexible stays. Moreover, the product is available with a rigid back support which is of low temperature and heat moldable. All these features combine to make this product perfect for assisting abdominal and backache problems.

Please Note: Leg straps do not come with the brace. To order leg straps, please see Model PS.                   

Adjustment: Three-pull side lace.
Front Closure: Snap-button with reinforcing hook-and-eye.
Materials: White canvas.
Elastic Releases: Across top and at groin.
Preshaped Steels: One pair 14".
Flexible Stays: Front, side and back.
Even Hip Sizes: 36-54
Special Features: Similar to Model 517, but with fuller front for pendulous abdomen.

Sizes Dev.   Front Back
36-54 1" Above Waist 3½" 6"
Below Waist 8½" 10"

Additional Options: Perineal straps available upon request.

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  1. Excellent Construction

     Jul 22nd 2017 4 Star Review

    This is the second one I've purchased . . . still the best lumbo-sacral support I have tried. Good support for my abdomen,

  2. better than pain killers

     Jul 14th 2017 4 Star Review

    seems to replace both pain killers and anti-inflamatory meds...firm but comfortable.


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