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Freeman Lumbosacral Obesity Support

Freeman Lumbosacral Obesity Support

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577 Unisex EZ-Fit Pendulous Lumbosacral Support

Made in MichiganIn the age of sedentary lifestyles and even more stationary work, proper lower back support has become more important than ever before. Especially after a lower back injury, the abdominal muscles may be too weak to necessarily support your back on their own. To reduce your pain and enhance your ability to lift objects and partake in your normal activities of daily living, the EZ-Fit Pendulous Lumbosacral Support Belt is the way to go.

Through taking the pressure off of your abdominal muscles, Lumbosacral Support Belts can assist in the rehabilitation of your lower back and reduce your pain overall. They can also prevent further pain or injury. Studies have shown that women who wear Lumbosacral Support Belts can lift one kilogram more on average than their unassisted counterparts. If you partake in a relatively active profession, this can make the difference between continuing to work or needing extra days off to treat your chronic pain.

The EZ-Fit Pendulous Lumbosacral Support Belt is easier than any other support belt to wear. The overlapping front hook n’ pile closure makes it easy to strap on the belt and go about your day with no fuss. The belt itself is constructed of stretch cotton with a hook n’ pile two pull sided lace adjustment. Sizes range from medium to double extra large based upon your own waist circumference. Some fungibility is given with the sizing recommendations due to the adjustable nature of the belt. The fit conforms to the person rather than the other way around.

It should be noted that the EZ-Fit Pendulous Lumbosacral Support Belt does not provide an adequate allowance for perineal straps or abdominal hoses should they be required. Check with your physician or chiropractor prior to ordering to ensure that the EZ-Fit Pendulous Lumbosacral Support Belt is right for your unique muscular and lower back needs.

Adjustment: Hook 'n pile, two-pull side lace.
Front Closure: Overlapping hook 'n pile.
Materials: Unique stretch cotton.
Preshaped Steels: One pair 11".
Flexible Stays: Front, side and back.
Hip Sizes: M-2XL
Comments: No provisions provided for perineal straps or hose supports.

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Sizes Hip
Dev. Depth
Front Back
Medium 35"-41" 0" 12" 13"
Large 39"-45"
X-Large 43"-49"
XX-Large 49"-54"

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