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Sacroiliac Wraparound Belt

Sacroiliac Wraparound Belt

L0621 GY
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Elastic Sacroiliac Wraparound Support w/ Sacral Pad

This is a Special Order item. Only made on demand. Please allow 4-6 weeks for braces to be shipped.

This product is a universal wraparound support used for the very specific purpose of tightening the sacroiliac region or pelvis to reduce pain and inflammation associated with this region. The sacroiliac region is made up of two parts, one that moves and the other that is responsible for bearing weight and when the muscles and/or tissues of the area are torn or stretched, the area becomes a source of pain. The pain, when described by the patient will often get mistaken with hip, upper thigh and lower back pain, but once it's pin-pointed to the sacroiliac region, a product like this can be the best first treatment choice prescribed by your physician. It's the most effective, affordable and non-invasive treatment available, which adds to the popularity of all supportive products.

Although pain maybe mistaken for lower back pain, this product does relieve strain from the lower back as well. By squeezing the area in it's proper placement, the pressure of added weight will be evenly distributed and the sacroiliac region will be in an optimal environment for healing. It's made of a heavy duty elastic and has an optional sacral pad for additional back support. This supportive pad is placed within a pocket in the back of the construction or left out if you wish not to use it. The closure is made of a hook 'n pile closure for really easy use and flexible side stays prevent the annoying rolling you might experience with less thoughtful products.

The construction of the wraparound is of high quality materials, employing elastic, stays and closures that can stand the test of use by man or woman, XS to 2XL or 26” to 50”. Sizes are according to hip measurement.

Please consult your physician for proper measurement and selection of product size, as well as a recommendation for use.

Sized according to hip measurement.

Back height: 6"
Front height: 4"
XS (26"-29")
S (30"-34")
M (35"-38")
L (39"-42")
XL (43"-46")
2XL (47"-50")

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