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Freeman Men's Abdominal Support

Freeman Men's Abdominal Support

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Men's Back-Lace Abdominal Lumbosacral Support

This being discontinued. As sizes run out, they will no longer be available.

Lcode Certification Letter

Lumbosacral supports have a variety of applications from prevention of injury, treatment of injury, aid in weight lifting and even support for those who are overweight or obese. Supports of the lumbar nature use physical pressure and guiding stays to keep the trunk in proper posture, allowing the space needed for your internal organs and tissues to work at it's optimal efficiency. With this product you can look forward to that benefit, but also the other healing and rehabilitative qualities it possesses. The obese or overweight patient has a higher risk of almost all conditions and ailments possible. A lumbosacral support designed specifically for this patient can offer peace of mind that something is working to eliminate some of these vulnerabilities. This support works in place of lost muscle tone, to reduce strain on the muscles that have remained and prevent further damage to supporting muscles, ligaments and joints of the back, lumbar and lower spine. This is achieved through the abdominal support's help in distributing the pressure from added body weight evenly among the frame, improving the ability to keep good posture. This improves health by leaps and bounds.

Many appreciate the psychological value this product has to offer as well. With supports on, patients report that they are more aware of their bodies, their movements and posture. Supports have been known to help patients make better choices about their health, take care in the way they make movements and use their legs more during lifting and bending rather than their backs. Keeping muscles warm within a support also aids in ease of movement and promotes good circulation.

With the neutral colored white herringbone twill, a patient has no need to worry about hiding the support. It lays relatively flat and can be worn beneath most clothing discreetly. It's ease of wear is favorable, with only one front closure to concern yourself with: a snap button closure and reinforcing hook and eye and adjustments by two-pull back lace. Sizes are available by even hip sizes from 36” to 50” and the option to purchase straps that attach to the front bottom on each side to the back bottom on each side to add even more stability to the product and prevent it from riding up the trunk.

Adjustment: Two-pull back lace.
Front Closure: Snap-button with reinforcing hook-and-eye.
Materials: White herringbone twill.
Elastic Releases: At groin.
Preshaped Steels: None.
Flexible Stays: Front, side and back.
Even Hip Sizes: 36-50
Comments: No snaps provided for perineal straps.

Sizes Dev.   Front Back
36-38 1" Above Waist 2" 2-1/2"
Below Waist 7-1/2" 6"
40-42 1" Above Waist 2-1/2" 3"
Below Waist 8-1/2" 6"
44-46 1" Above Waist 3" 3"
Below Waist 9" 6"
48-50 1" Above Waist 3-1/2" 3"
Below Waist 9-1/2" 6"

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