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Rigid TLSO Braces

This is probably one of the most commonly used scoliosis braces throughout the United States, it had been invented in the seventy's by two doctors associated with the Boston Children Hospital. The word term TLSO means Thoraco-Lumbo-Sacral-Orthosis but it was also commonly called as the Boston Brace. Initially the purpose of these braces were to completely eliminate the usage of metallic structures and to make it more comfortable and less visible through clothing. TLSO Braces are typically made form a hard and sturdy plastic material called polyethylene, they are made to be worn around the rib cage, lower back and the hips so the pressure is applied at three points along the spinal cord to give optimum support. It works by flexing the lumbar area which flattens the posterior curve and the strategically placed pads press against the curve to relieve pain.

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