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Club Foot Brace - Dennis Browne Splint

Club Foot Brace - Dennis Browne Splint

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Club Foot Brace - Denis Browne Splint.

One set of anodized aluminum plates that mount flush to the sole. 360 degree rotating protractor gives accurate setting in 10 degree increments. Protractor is calibrated for 0 to 90 degree adjustment, left or right.

Some people have a condition that is known as ‘club foot’. This means that the feet are twisted in such a way that the soles fail to meet the ground. It very rarely happens that only one foot is affected. This is a defect since birth that occurs due to a genetic mutation. The treatment is given as soon as possible to take full advantage of the baby’s soft and flexible bones. This treatment is also very important; otherwise the child would have difficulty in walking for the rest of their life. There is no surgery for it but therapy is effective and works out most of the time.

Freeman’s Denis Browne splint is the prosthetic used during the treatment of club feet. The feet of the baby are stretched and put in a cast. This splint has aluminum plates that are mounted to the soles. This metal resists rusting; therefore, it can be used throughout the treatment. Also, the metal used is sturdy and rigid; which is an important property when making a cast to change the alignment of bones.

This particular splint also has a high rate of accuracy. It comes with a completely rotating protractor in both directions; left or right. High accuracy allows therapists to improve upon the treatment and rotate the baby’s feet to the precise angle that they want. This leaves less room for any error due to which the treatment has results that are better and more efficient.

The metal bar at the base has a fixed length but that does not really matter since babies are all almost the same size and the treatment is given at the earliest stage possible. But even the non-adjustable bars come in several sizes for better comfort. The metal body is firm and durable. Also, it is lightweight compared to more traditional designs. The improved design and make of the cast not only increases chances of a better fit and comfort but also improves the precision of the treatment.

One non-adjustable bar included. Specify bar length: 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14" or 16".

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  1. Found this

     Jun 8th 2017 4 Star Review

    Glad I found this, been using it for a couple of weeks and it appears to be working. Getting better


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