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Hinged Cartilage Knee Support

Hinged Cartilage Knee Support

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Hinged Cartilage Knee Support.

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Constructed of 1/8" neoprene rubber with nylon laminate on both sides. Hyperextension steel hinges provide medial-lateral stability. Other features include cinch-pull retaining straps and open patella with convertible patella pad of exposed orthopedic felt.

The Neoprene Hinged Cartilage Knee Support from Freeman offers a whole new comfort and while attaining stability. This knee support brace offers outstanding knee support and protection to just about any heavy activities which include skiing and snowboarding. At the same time, it is also very helpful in improving the knee’s stability after partial or complete tears of the knee ligaments caused by injuries; or following a knee surgery.

The Neoprene Hinged Cartilage Knee Support is particularly constructed to help rehabilitated ACL injuries, severe knee ligament injuries and other middle knee injuries. Aside from that, it also helps stabilize the patella and other collateral ligaments.

Made of specially designed neoprene rubber and nylon laminate, the Neoprene Hinged Cartilage Knee Support not only features nylon laminate on both sides, but also steel hinges for hyperextension. This hyperextension stops at 170 degrees which also assures that the hinged stays within the limits. This special feature offer medial lateral stability, while adding protection, easing pain and elevating comfort.

Moreover, the special features of the Neoprene Hinged Cartilage Knee Support from Freeman also include easy adjustable straps located above and below the knee for additional support plus adjustable and comfortable fit. At the same time, the nylon laminate located on both sides of the brace help enhance stability.
The Neoprene Hinged Cartilage Knee Support also has a very noticeable cut out feature on the patella. This cut out ensures that the patella is on its proper patellar position, while treatment and rehabilitation process continues.

It is also designed for easy on and off wear with plastic hinges located on both sides of the brace which allows a highly adjustable fit for the comfort of the wearer.
Made of Neoprene and with materials that are washer friendly and durable, it also features removal splints that can be easily pulled out from the brace before it undergoes washing to prevent wear and tear.

Sized according to knee circumference.

Length: 12"

XS (12"-13")

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