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Exoform Wrist Splint - Left Wrist

Exoform Wrist Splint - Left Wrist

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If you've fractured your wrist or had some tendon trouble in the past, you know all about the importance of giving the joint the chance to heal naturally and in a timely fashion. To achieve this important goal, you'll need to wear an expertly fashioned wrist splint.

This Exoform wrist splint has been specially shaped to fit your left wrist. It is supported by rigid segments of plastic over the top and bottom, leading towards the hand where greater support is usually required. These sturdy supports help to immobilize the wrist joint, giving it the rest it needs to get back to full health and a complete range of movement.

The internal surface of the wrist splint has been supplemented with ergonomically contoured padding to provide the optimal fit. The designer's number one priority was clearly your comfort in what it is a rather difficult time. You won't find a more comfortable wrist splint that this without losing the phenomenal level of physical support it offers.

To further support to the immobilization of your wrist in exactly the position your individual case requires, this wrist splint is accompanied by an adjustable aluminum palm stay. As you probably know, aluminum is one of the lightest in weight but most durable and sturdy of all commonly used metals. That's what makes it a perfect material to use in wrist splints like this one.

This Exoform wrist splint is 8" in length, making it suitable for near enough any wrist. You can calculate the exact size you require by measuring your wrist circumference. We aim to provide the best orthotic and other support devices to as many people who need it as possible, and that's why offer a huge range of sizes. In full, we offer the Exoform wrist splint for wrist circumferences from 5¼" to 10".

Left Exoform Wrist Splint. Ergonomically contoured padding on the inside ensures best fit and comfort. Rigid plastic supports on the top and bottom contour to the hand leading to greater support and immobilization. Adjustable aluminum palmer stay. Sized according to wrist circumference.

Length: 8"

X-Small (5¼"-6¼")
Small (6¼"-7¼")
Medium (7¼"-8")
Large (8"-9")
X-Large (9"-10")

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