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Thermo Cast Wrist Hand Thumb Splint - Right Hand

Thermo Cast Wrist Hand Thumb Splint - Right Hand

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Right Wrist Hand Thumb Thermo Cast. This lightweight splint is fully adjustable in four sizes. Indications for use include stabilization of thumb, metaphalangeal and carpal fractures, and for immobilization following tendon repairs. Should be worn with a stockinette (two included with brace).

If you've just had surgery on the tendons in your wrist or hand, or you've just suffered a bone fracture, you have to support the affected body parts while they take the time to recover in full. The perfect combination of stability and ease of use can be found in this Thermo Cast™ splint.

One of the most important characteristics of any splint is its weight. This Thermo Cast™ splint is certainly low in weight owing to its low density polyethylene and closed cell foam body, allowing you to maintain a full range of movement without the burden of significant added weight on your extremities.

Convenience and practicality are vitally important if any splint hopes to be of use. This splint is fully adjustable and can be obtained in four different sizes. You'll find it particularly useful in the case of thumb, metaphalangeal and carpal bone fractures. Its sturdy frame also provides the ideal level of support and immobilization for post-operative care of tendon complaints.

This splint is one of the most easily modifiable on the market and anyone with the right knowledge and a spare heat gun handy can adapt it to suit their specific requirements. What's more, these splints permit a decent airflow to cut down on bacterial growth between washes. You won't even have to take your splint off when you go for a scan at the doctor's office; all the materials used are completely radiolucent.

This kind of splint needs to be worn with an inner liner if you want to benefit from the intended level of comfort, so the manufacturers have kindly included two with every brace they supply us.

You can find out which splint size you'll need by measuring the circumference around your hand, or more specifically around the metaphalangeal bones of the hand. You'll find the different sizes to be rather accommodating owing to the hook and pile, cinch-pull closure mechanism. This is perfect if your wrist is all swollen and filled with fluid.

Check out our range of sizes in the size chart below and take the first step on your path to full recovery.

Sized according to metaphalanged circumference (circumference around the hand).

Small (5-1/2" - 6-1/2")
Medium (6-1/2" - 7-1/2")
Large (7-1/2" - 8-1/2")
X-Large (8-1/2" - 10")

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