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Thermo Cast Thumb Abduction Splint - Right Hand

Thermo Cast Thumb Abduction Splint - Right Hand

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Right Thermo Cast Thumb Abduction Splint.

If you are among those who are suffering from chronic or acute inflammation of joint. Furthermore, if you are suffering from Trapezio meta carpal osteoarthritis of the thumb then Thermo Cast Thumb Abduction Splint is suitable for your medical condition.

Trapezio meta carpal osteoarthritis is popularly known as arthritis of the thumb. Trapeziometacarpal (TM) joint inflammation is a typical reason for spiral sided wrist torment that specially influences ladies. It is analyzed by an exhaustive history, physical examination, and radiographic assessment. While radiographs are utilized to decide the phase of illness, treatment is reliant on side effect seriousness. It is most common disabling conditions that mostly affects women after their post-menopausal phase.

The pull on thumb abduction splint stabilizers the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint in abduction, inhibiting pain whilst helping to maintain a good functional position. The eminent features of the product are numerous. Firstly, to a great degree the fabric of the Thermo Cast Thumb Abduction Splint is breathable and scatters abundance sweat. This property prevents the growth of microorganisms and fungus. Furthermore, it offers warm protection that is provided with restorative warmth helps avoids wounds to proliferate or go worse. Additionally, homogeneous versatility takes into account better adjustment, fitting and situating. In addition to that, three dimensional pressure expands the assurance of the harmed region, facilitates the agony, diminishes and controls the Edema and enhances the proprioceptive feeling. Likewise, the provided backing settles the trapezio-metacarpal joint. Other additional features include incorporation of a removable and formable aluminum sit tight along with effortlessly flexible velcro straps.

Give your thumb unlimited dexterity and mobility with our Thermo Cast Thumb Abduction Splint.

Sized according to metaphalanged circumference (circumference around the hand).
S (5 1/2"-6 1/2")
M (6 1/2"-7 1/2")
L (7 1/2"-8 1/2")
XL (8 1/2"-10")

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