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Foot Ankle Stabilizer Brace Splint for Mobility Support

Foot Ankle Stabilizer Brace Splint for Mobility Support


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AFG Stabilizer.

Support that will last for a long time? Count on the magnificent work of Thermoskin AFG. It is an easy to use, wrap-around that will surely give you the very comfort that you need. The Thermoskin AFG is backed by research that it will incredibly provide benefit for you. It has been found out that wearing this marvelous brace will help you increase blood flow by an average of 8% versus the control over a two hour period. Plus, the Thermoskin AFG stabilizes your feet in order to fully relieve you from any pain whatsoever.

It also provides a light but a very firm compression that will help feel the comfort you so deserve. But maybe you are thinking of question such as, how often should I wash this thing? Or how long must I wear this? Or when is the best time to wear this? Well to answer those, to begin with, the Thermoskin AFG is washable and maybe washed every 2 or 3 days if you wear it while at the office or in the house or while in bed. But, if you wear this during sports activity or heavy work, please wash it daily to keep the niceness of the product.  

The Thermoskin AFG must be worn at anytime, anywhere to have the complete comfort that you need. Additionally, for the Thermoskin AFG to be fully effective, heat needs to flow continuously for long periods of time so the Thermoskin AFG are made to fit your need just right!

The Thermoskin AFG is easier and convenient for your daily use. Are you still looking for the support that will be with you for a long time? Thermoskin AFG is undeniably the answer for your need! Comfort will surely stay with you for a long- long time. 

Sized according to shoe size.

XS (Men's 3-5, Women's 4-6)
S (Men's 6-7, Women's 7-9)
M (Men's 8-10, Women's 10-11)
L (Men's 11-12, Women's 12-13)
XL (Men's 13-14, Women's 14+)
2XL (Men's 15+)

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