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Brannock Foot Measuring Device

Brannock Foot Measuring Device


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Brannock Foot Measuring Device. This metal foot-measuring device accurately measures foot length, arch length, and width.

Diabetic shoes, that are also referred to as sugar shoes or therapeutic shoes, are shoes that have been designed especially for reducing the risk of the breakdown of skin in those diabetic patients that have a co-existing disease of the foot.

People that have diabetic neuropathy in the feet might get a false security sense when it comes to the amount of risk at which their feet are in. An ulcer beneath the foot has the capability of developing in just a few hours. The main goal of this therapeutic footwear is the prevention of certain complications including strain, calluses, ulcers, poor circulation, and amputations in patients that have diabetes.

Neuropathy has the ability to change the shape of the feet of a person. As a result, the variety of shoes that the person can wear comfortably reduces greatly. This is where the Brannock Measuring device comes in. This is a foot-measuring device made out of metal which accurately measures the width, the foot length, and the arch length of the person’s foot so that the patient gets shoes which fit perfectly.

Using the Brannock measuring device for the accurate measurement of your feet is very important because the right measurement of the shoe can help in relieving areas where excessive pressure is put. Removing the excess pressure is vital because this extra pressure can cause ulcers or even the breakdown of skin. Footwear which fits perfectly should help in relieving these areas of high pressure. As a result, the occurrence of related problem reduces.

Brannock Foot Measuring Device

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