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Hallux-Valgus Splint [Bunion Splint]

Hallux-Valgus Splint [Bunion Splint]

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Hallux-Valgus Splint (Bunion Splint).

Bunions are very common among aging adults. A bunion is a lump (a bone) that causes deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe. The big toe starts inclining towards the other toes of the foot. This deformed shape of the foot is unappealing and makes walking difficult. The medical term for a bunion is Hallux Valgus. Non-operative treatments can help alleviating some of the symptoms but does not change the shape of the big toe.

For the big toe to be in its natural shape the splint needs to fit well and bring the toe to its original form with proper alignment. To serve this purpose, Freeman Mfg has introduced the Hallux-Valgus Splint, an excellent wearable product that will assist in correcting the shape of the big toe.

Hallux-Valgus Splint comes with a mechanism that makes use of a lever which gently removes the Hallux Valgus and brings the toe back to its original place. It does so with a ‘hook n' pile loop’ and lock band that provides appropriate pressure to the hallux.

Made up of a clear plastic arm and thick foam padding, this splint is designed in such a way that it prevents every sort of discomfort in the areas of the skin it comes in contact with. It possesses an adjustable nature to match the patient's requirements. It can fit well with almost every type of foot. The working of the splint remains consistent regardless of the variation in foot size.

For those of you who are conscious about the appearance of their foot along with the inability of walking correctly, it's about time you give a try to Hallux-Valgus Splint by Freeman Manufacturers.

Hallux-Valgus Splint

Sized according to Shoe.

Size Women's Size Men's Size
Small 4-7½) -
Medium 8-10½ 6-9½
Large 11+ 10+


Bunion Splint

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