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Premium Air Walker Post Op Boot Leg Cast

Premium Air Walker Post Op Boot Leg Cast

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Equalizer Air Walker. Same as Model 930, but with self-contained pneumatic system that accommodates swelling patterns during rehabilitation process.

The Equalizer Air Walker is a walker designed to replace the cast in minor fractures or injuries, or for rehabilitation after the normal cast is removed.

The innovation in this walker includes a self-contained pneumatic system, which allows pressure to decrease swelling on and around the injured part of the leg. The pressure is an even, stable one, similar to bandages, and help aid in faster recovery. Also, the inflation on the walker can be adjusted easily, so you can change it according to your leg’s needs and fit it accordingly.

Walkers are great tools after using casts, because they let more air enter through the open spaces, and they also allow your leg to be a step closer to being free from necessary restrictions. They are, though, not intended to be used as substitutes for normal casts since they only aid in the rehabilitation of the leg, not where the actual healing process happens, with all the regeneration of bone and muscle cells, which is covered by the normal casting.

Two foam pads are also provided for maximum comfort and stability, which can be used depending on the user. The walkers are made to have separate sizes for men and women, so that the walkers can be as close to the size of the foot ad leg as can possibly be, without being too tight or too loose. It’s also easy to use, with just opening the straps, putting your foot in, then adjusting the pads inside, and fastening the straps back to support the leg. You can only wait until your actual cast has come off, and after that, Freeman Equalizer Air Walker is the one who will help you to be back on track.

Sized according to shoe size.

  Shoe Size
Size Men's Women's
X-Small 2-4 3.5-5.5
Small 4.5-7 6-8
Medium 7.5-10.5 8.5-11.5
Large 10.5-12.5 11.5-13.5
X-Large 12.5+ 13.5+

Equalizer Air Walker Post Op Boot

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