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Darco OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe

Darco OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe


4 Stars
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The Model 929 OrthoWedge Shoe comes fitted with a 15 degree Wedge Sole which functions by shifting your entire body weight to the mid-foot and heel. This reduces the amount of pressure applied on the forefoot by up to 57%.

Ankle strap eliminates heel slippage.  Strapless closure to eliminate isolated pressure over tender forefoot areas. Wide base for extra stability. Removable insole
is fully customizable for offloading specific areas.

This shoe comes in a wide range of sizes and is designed to properly fit both men and women. Sized according to shoe size.

The Square Toe Design present in front of this OrthoWedge Shoe is of great importance since it helps in protecting your toes from unwarranted injuries. The Square Toe Design is also of great significance especially to each and every individual who has undergone a successful surgery and they have with them the k-wires on their toes. This toe design acts as a bumper to protect your toes and prevent accidental knocks on the k-wires.

The OrthoWedge Shoe comes fitted with ankle straps which hold the foot firmly and prevents the heel from spilling out of the cast shoe. The ankle straps also reduce the amount of friction that occurs between your injured foot and the shoe. Both of these features help in promoting a quick and steady recovery.

Unlike any other type of cast shoe, the OrthoWedge Shoe comes with a removable insole. This type of insole provides you with as much as twice the usual padding experience of regular insoles. Also, you can decide to modify and customize the insoles depending on your own foot preferences.

The security of your forefoot is guaranteed thanks to the presence of the Forefoot Closure which functions by reducing and eliminating any amount of buckle pressure that may be applied to your injured or healing foot. Its removable nature makes it the ideal shoe to each and everyone who prefers comfort during the healing period.

Regardless of your foot size, the OrthoWedge Shoe is available in a number of different sizes which range from extra large to extra small. With this in mind, you don’t have to be worried about missing out on your shoe size when the need to have one comes knocking on your door.

  Shoe Size
Size Men's Women's
X-Small -- 4-7
Small 6-8 7½-10
Medium 8½-10 10½-13
Large 10½-12


X-Large 12½-14 --

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  1. Fits just Right

     Mar 16th 2021 4 Star Review

    This style of shoe is required for my on going healing process. It fits snug and comfortable. With this design I should heal faster and have less issues being off the wound area.


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