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Short Spring Elastic Hernia Truss

Short Spring Elastic Hernia Truss

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Spring Elastic Truss w/Round Hernia Pad (Short Spring). 

This product is for patients, primarily male patients, who suffer from a hernia. A hernia is when tissue from a patient's guts are protruding through a weak point, usually in the abdominal wall. Sometimes a hernia can also be found in the groin, thigh or testicular region as well. The result is not only experiencing pain from even the smallest movements like coughing or bending over, but sometimes serious complications if not treated. A physician may recommend wearing a product like this to apply pressure to the site of the hernia and encourage the tissue peaking through to return to it's rightful place inside the abdomen.

What makes this product superior to other belts is that it is specifically designed for hernia treatment. The truss spring and elastic allow the pressure to be controlled and firm, a desired quality for both pain relief and to keep the device in it's proper position, applying pressure to the protruding tissues and surrounding abdominal wall to promote healing.

Use of the belt can also encourage it's user to be more psychologically aware of their condition and make them think twice about lifting heavy objects or doing anything strenuous.

Hernias vary greatly and are classified in two categories: reducible and non-reducible. Sometimes if the hernia is small enough, a physician will promote non-invasive routes of measure like watching and waiting or trying a hernia belt such as this. Other times the hernia can be so serious that surgery is required and a hernia belt will only ease discomfort temporarily or not help the situation any. Please be advised by your physician to endorse the use of a product like this and it's proper use.

Sized according to even hip sizes

*Contains Latex

Spring Elastic Truss with Hernia Pad

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