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Men's Universal Rib Belt

Men's Universal Rib Belt


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Men's Universal Rib Belt.

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4" wide overlapping elastic bands with section of foam laminated to pile for hook 'n pile adjustment. Six flexible stays prevent rolling. 7" height.

There are very specific circumstances in which a patient will need to be prescribed the use of a rib belt. In one case a patient will have a floating rib syndrome where this region of the skeletal system seems to be loose and it's parts are vulnerable to coming out of place. This causes pain and inflammation to the patient, in which they have few treatment options for pain.

Chiropractic adjustments and medications are alternatives to the rib belt, so it's easy to see why one would choose such an effective and affordable treatment. The rib belt being used in this particular case, allows the amount of restriction needed for the muscles and bones to be encouraged to stay in place or go back to their rightful place, while reducing the pain inducing inflammation that occurs when bones are out of their places. Please don't decide on your own if this product is right for your condition. Consult your physician for a recommendation of use for achieving your desired results.

This product is one size fits all for men and is made of 4” wide overlapping elastic bands (7” total device height) with a section of laminated foam that hook 'n pile closures adjust. Six flexible stays are included in the design to prevent annoying rolling that occurs with other products. It also employs a white material that makes it easy to wear undetected under most clothing and easy to spot clean with mild soap and water.

One size fits all.


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