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Women's Elastic Rib Belt

Women's Elastic Rib Belt


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Women's Elastic Rib Belt. 

When one is suffering from bruised or fractured ribs, finding a rib support wrap to properly support and soothe the tender area of the body is very important. After sustaining an intercostal muscle strain, one of the most important treatment steps is to limit the movement of the torso. This Women’s Elastic Rib Belt by Freeman is extremely useful in achieving immobilization of the torso, and also provides support to the pulled intercostal muscles to aid in upper rib pain.

This particular rib belt for women is contoured to fit the female anatomy. The front-closure and breathable elastic of this rib belt enhances its appeal as a comfortable solution for bruised rib treatment. It also provides gentle compression to help reduce inflammation.

The Women’s Elastic Rib Belt, for bruised ribs and more, is constructed of breathable, elastic material that is soft against the skin and stretchy. It has a feminine cut fitted at the waist. The elastic rib belt has a 4" contoured front and a6" back height with adjustable hook and pile closure making it easy to wear and adjustable for the proper fit.
Thanks to its elastic construction, this support for treatment of fractured rib and other injuries in this area, is lightweight and fits smoothly against one’s skin. Therefore, this broken rib support belt fits easily beneath one’s clothes. No one is going to notice you wearing it.

When it comes to wearing a rib belt for broken ribs the important thing is that it must fit well and it should not be overly snug. If one’s rib belt fits too tightly and the lungs can’t fully expand, this could lead to serious complications such as an infection or pneumonia. That is why this Women’s Elastic Rib Bet by Freeman fits chest circumferences ranging from 26 inches to 46 inches. It comes in the following sizes.

Sized according to rib cage circumference.

S (26"-30")
M (30"-34")
L (34"-40")
XL (40"-46")

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