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Women's Universal Rib Belt

Women's Universal Rib Belt


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Women's Universal Rib Belt. 

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The contoured front of foam laminated to pile allows for adjustable hook 'n pile closure. 4" wide overlapping elastic bands in back create back height of 7". Six flexible stays at side prevent rolling.

Broken ribs are one of the most painful injuries one can face during an accident. Getting your ribs broken, crushed or fractured can be tearfully painful and can cause one to become immobile for a certain period of time. Therefore, it is important to treat these injured ribs as quickly as possible. However, do note that incorrect treatment of these ribs can lead to pneumonia and death. This is where the 963-1 Women's Universal Rib Belt plays a role as it has been specially designed to help treat patients.

Since ribs surround the lungs, sometimes the broken fragments of the ribs can cut the lungs open as well; this can cause air to be collected between the chest wall and the lung tissues. When one suffers from broken or fractured ribs, breathing also becomes an issue as inhaling and exhaling cause one to suffer from severe pain. This discourages people from breathing properly, and since the person does not breathe properly, therefore, there are chances of developing pneumonia.

Whether one is suffering from chest pain, muscle strain or fractured ribs, rib belts are the best form of treatment available. The rib belt makes it easier to breathe as it provides ideal compression to the ribs and helps by supporting the rib cage. This makes it easier to breathe and move around a bit. These rib belts reduce the pain by a good degree.

The 963-1 Women's Universal Rib Belt by Freeman is made of elastic and soft nylon such that it fits the person snugly. It has a contoured front that is made of foam which has been laminated to piles, this allows one to easily wear the belt on the back area and hook it into the loop making sure it doesn’t open. There are some overlapping elastic bands present on the backside of the belt as well. It also features about six flexible stays that are present at the side, these help to prevent rolling. The Freeman’s 963-1 Women's Universal Rib is actually a great solution for broken ribs, definitely a solution you should opt for.

One size fits all.

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