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Elastic Stabilizing Knee Brace

Elastic Stabilizing Knee Brace


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Elastic Dyno-Sleeve Palumbo Stabilizing Brace with Neoprene Strapping.

Please note: this item is being discontinued, as stock runs out your size may become unavailable.

The patella, or most commonly known as the kneecap, can be a victim of a number of injuries, the most common one being the dislocation. These injuries can be a result of numerous things, however, the most common reason is a sports injury.

The Palumbo Patella Stabilizing Elastic Dyno sleeves provides a dynamic and a medially displacing force to keep the patella in place while also allowing functional activity by providing stability throughout the full range of knee motion. It is used for the treatment of patellar instability so that surgery may be delayed or avoided. The elastic-dyno sleeves are often useful in providing stability for the patella as you start to return to your normal activities.

The sleeve prevents the dislocation, as well as the subluxation of the patella. It also reduces patellofemoral chondromalacia and arthritis with the help of dissipating the forces.

Elastic Dyno-Sleeves also helps in preventing the dislocation of the knee. The brace includes the patented pad strap unit which is easily adaptable to both left and right knees.

Purpose: For conservative treatment of patellar instability permitting delay or avoidance of surgery.

Function: Provides a dynamic, medially displacing force to the patella enabling functional activity while providing stability throughout the full range of knee motion.


  • Patented pad-strap unit for patellar control.
  • Easy to apply and use (adaptable right or left).
  • Made of breathable knitted elastic for comfort

Indications for use:

  • For prevention of patella subluxation and dislocation.
  • To reduce patellofemoral chondromalacia and arthritis by "dissipation of forces."
  • To stretch contracting patellofemoral ligamentand lateral retinaculum.
  • To prevent stretching of the medial retinaculum.
  • To prevent contracture of the lateral retinaculum in postoperative management (lateral release and/or transfer).

Sized according to circumference 3" above and 3" below mid patella.

Sizes 3" Above 3" Below
Small 14"-16" 11-13½"
Medium 16½"-18½" 14-16½"
Large 19"-21" 17"-19½"

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