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Freeman Hinged Knee Brace

Freeman Hinged Knee Brace

L1832 OR L1833
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Airprene Extension Control Knee Support. 

Please note: this item is being discontinued, as stock runs out your size may become unavailable.

Knee injuries are very common in society. The two chief causes of knee injuries include arthritis, which tend to occur in the older age groups and traumatic injuries that tend to occur in the younger people. Today many people lead an active lifestyle, play competitive sports and undertake risky activities like racing, skate boarding, etc and often suffer knee injuries. Parts of the knee that can be injured include the patella, the meniscus that can be torn, rupture or inflamed, or the individual may develop arthritic changes of the joint.

Sometimes people have knee surgery and often have instability for the first few weeks during the healing phase.

For all these people one of the best ways to support the knee is with the use of knee supports. There are many types of knee braces and supports on the market and it is often difficult for the consumer to decide on which one to buy. Some of the things that you should look for in a knee support device include its make (which fabric), how much medial and lateral support it provides, adjustability, comfortable wear, and whether it has an open patella configuration.

One of the best products on the market is the Airprene Extension Control Knee orthosis. This relatively new knee support prosthesis provides excellent medial and lateral support with adjustable extension as an option. The prosthesis is durable because it has hinges made of stainless steel that are fully encased in Airprene pockets. The prosthesis also comes with two hook wraparound control straps that provide circumferential compression. Once worn the Airprene prosthesis provides solid support to the knee joint, makes ambulation relatively easy, maintains balances and more important relieves the symptoms. Most people see a reduction in pain and swelling within several hours after applying this prosthesis. It should be worn throughout the day for several weeks for maximal benefit. The Airprene Extension Control prosthesis is available in several sizes and is very comfortable to wear.

Sized according to knee circumference.

Note: Similar to Model 637, but pull-on design.
Length: 13"
XS (11½"-12¾")
S (12½"-13¾")
M (13½"-14¾")
L (14½"-16")
XL (15½"-17")
2XL (16½"-18¼")
3XL (17½"-19½")
4XL (18¼"-20¼")
5XL (19½"-21½")

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