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Reinforced Airprene Knee Support

Reinforced Airprene Knee Support

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Reinforced Airprene Knee Support.

Please note: this item is being discontinued, as stock runs out your size may become unavailable.

Open patella design features superior horseshoe patella pad and cushioned steel hyperextension hinges for greater medial lateral stability. Retaining cinch straps have hook 'n pile adjustment. 3/16" Airprene thickness.

Knee injuries and experiencing pain due to them are a common problem that occurs not only to players and runners but also to a number of other people in case of some deficiencies inside their body or due to an accident. As a result, the knee bones become weak, making it difficult to stand, walk and perform any of the routine chores. The Airprene Reinforced Knee Support by Freeman Mfg is a product that will help resolve many of these knee-related problems.

These Airprene Knee supports come in handy do deal with cases of joint pains, knee injuries, deficiency of calcium, etc. They fit to the alignment of the knee and help in lessening the pain. They also work in keeping the joints in a firm position in order to avoid joints displacement problems from occurring. 

The Airprene Reinforced Knee Support is one such product that is designed to increase the working efficacy of the knee by helping it get rid of the above mentioned problems. Knee issues can be a great hurdle when it comes to performing your daily routine activities such as walking and specifically running. Nobody wants to have a walking disability and that too in the early years of their life. So, to avoid this from happening, the Airprene Reinfornced Knee Support will assist you in keeping the joints of your knee in a firm position along with focusing more compression on the skin so that the foot doesn’t lose its grip, and making walking easier for you.

The fabric of this knee support is made up of a soft and light material so that it doesn’t feel like a burden on the skin and hinder walking. The open patella design features superior horseshoe patella pad and cushioned steel hyperextension hinges for greater medial lateral stability. This makes it an ideal product to be worn under your regular trousers or even jeans.

Sized according to knee circumference.

Length: 12"
S (13"-14")
M (14"-15")
L (15"-16")
XL (16"-17")
2XL (17"-18")

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