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Exoform Knee Immobilizer (Universal)

Exoform Knee Immobilizer (Universal)

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Exoform Knee Immobilizer. 

A knee injury can be a scary and painful experience. You may notice that knee pain can limit the ability to walk, work, and participate fully in recreational activities. Hence, it may require physical therapy to help improve range of motion and strength, and decrease pain after sustaining a knee injury. A knee immobilizer is a piece of equipment that keeps the knee from bending and is typically used after a leg injury or surgical procedure.
This knee immobilizer is useful to treat the acute management of quadriceps rupture, medial collateral ligament rupture, patellar fracture or dislocation, patellar tendon rupture, and other acute traumatic knee injuries. It is used to completely restrict the movement of the knee. They intend to improve the stability of an injured knee and are most commonly worn after an injury while awaiting surgical reconstruction, or after surgery to protect the reconstructed knee.

The Exoform Knee Immobilizer is the best option to treat such conditions. It limits the movement of knee joints. It even helps in post-operative immobilization. It assists in walking, treats strains, sprains, and instability. The adjustable straps lead to a perfect fit and provides comfort. Metal splints are there for stability and immobilization. Moreover, when compared to a plaster, the knee immobilizer can be removed to allow a little motion to occur during healing.

The universal size helps make for a proper and comfortable fit for the patient. Furthermore, the Exoform knee immobilizer is the most comfortable immobilizer available in the market.

So, if you suffer from a fracture of the patella or upper shin bone, a knee immobilizer can be used to help keep joints straight during the healing process. You also don’t have to worry about it loosening its grip. This is because the material that makes up this item is durable and sturdy enough to last you a long time.

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