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Plus Size Convertible Knee Support Brace

Plus Size Convertible Knee Support Brace

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Convertible Knee Support. 

Please note: this item is being discontinued, as stock runs out your size may become unavailable.

This product is used as a medical orthopaedic tool as well as in common use. The soft neoprene material keeps your knees warm to prevent injuries and give relief from pain. It is constructed from neoprene rubber with nylon on both sides. The knee support is constructed from soft material so it can be easily adjusted and provide comfort in any situation. It may prevent swelling by providing warmth and compression.

When cartilage under the kneecap becomes weak or soft, it can cause pain. A neoprene convertible knee support is useful to keep the knee bone in place and ease pain. This problem also arises due to age factor, in young age our skeleton works better but as time passes it becomes weak knee pain starts. People who spend a lot of their time on chair or on driving belt should use the knee support to prevent from knee pain. If this problem becomes severe then it needs surgery, which can be quite expensive. Sometimes, these surgeries causes other complications and permanent damage of knee.

Knee supports are used for knee surgery and during knee rehabilitation. It also helps to provide stability and support due to knee injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture, torn knee cartilage, sprained medial knee ligament, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) rupture, patella tendonitis, knee arthritis and runners knee.

This product is beneficial for,

  • People with joints pain and aches.
  • For physical exercise.
  • Heavy lifting.
  • Post-surgery relief.
  • During sports.
  • In muscles pain

Sized according to knee circumference.

Length: 12"

XS (12"-13")
S (13"-14")
M (14"-15")
L (15"-16")
XL (16"-17")
2XL (17"-18")

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