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17" Hybrid Knee Brace with Uncovered Flexion and Extension Stop Hinges

17" Hybrid Knee Brace with Uncovered Flexion and Extension Stop Hinges

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"The 17" Hybrid"


The 17" Hybrid Knee Brace is one in all ultimate solution for anterior collateral ligament or posterior collateral ligament instabilities, medial or lateral ligament instabilities, cone shaped leg, arthritis and post-operative management.  In order to understand the purpose of The Hybrid Knee Brace, it is important to understand how the stability and functionality of the knee is maintained.

Stability of the knee joint is maintained by the state of the condyles and menisci in mix with detached supporting structures. These are the four noteworthy tendons:

  • the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • the posterior cruciate (PCL)
  • the medial collateral ligament (MCL)
  • and the horizontal security tendon (LCL).

The posteromedial and posterolateral capsular segments and the iliotibial tract additionally make noteworthy commitments. The muscles acting over the joint give auxiliary element strength. All these ligaments together with muscles gives knee, the overall strength and stability. The primary causative agents of the instability of the knee joint is due to the factors such as twisting, jumping, cutting and sudden deceleration.

Therefore, to maintain the stability and strength of the knee joint, our exclusively designed The Hybrid Knee Brace is in action to provide knee with additional support and stability. It is universally sized and fits to right and left knee. Furthermore, it is provided with unique slip on brace, which wraps around to accommodate users with extra wide legs and thighs. Moreover, anterior wrap maintains closure at the calf area. Additionally, The Hybrid Knee Brace is supported with upper and lower circumferential straps with adjustable elastic segment located at a posterior end. It is provided with stainless steel hinges with hyperextension stops. Finally, it is also provided with large, comfortable popliteal as well as patellar opening to ensure proper positioning and maximum comfort whereas, provision of posterior elastic segment on Velcro straps help preventing tourniquet technique.

Grab your 17" Hybrid Knee Brace, it will give your knee unlimited strength and stability.


  • Cone-shaped leg or developed thigh
  • Medial collateral ligament instability
  • Lateral collateral ligament instability
  • Arthritis
  • Post-op management
  • ACL/PCL instabilities

Features and Benefits:

  • 17" length
  • Unique slip on brace where the top opens and serves as a wrap around to accommodate patients with extra wide legs and thighs 
  • Anterior wrap around closure on top, closed bottom around calf area
  • Upper & lower circumferential straps with posterior adjustable elastic segment
  • Adjustable and covered stainless steel hinges with hyperextension stop
  • Large, comfortable  popliteal and patellar opening for position and comfort
  • Posterior elastic segment on Velcro straps help prevent tourniquet effect
  • Featured in Koolflex 
  • Fits universal right or left knee
  • Additional flexion/extension stop kit enclosed
  • Interior sharkskin to prevent migration

Measure around the center of the knee with the leg extended

Size Knee Circumference
X-Small 12"-13"
Small 13"-14"
Medium 14"-15"
Large 15"-16"
X-Large 16"-18"
XX-Large 18"-20"
3X-Large 20"-22"
4X-Large 22"-24"

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