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Freeman Corset Front For Model 8152

Freeman Corset Front For Model 8152

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Corset Front. Tricot-lined white canvas with inner foam cushion. Flexible stays and five alternating 1" wide adjustable straps with slide buckles and truss-hook catches. Seven eyelets per side. Replacement front for Model 8152.

Not everyone is aware of the importance of keeping up or maintaining the right posture. Many people tend to carry the wrong posture throughout their lives while staying unaware of the problems they get to face due to it later on. Being in a bad posture could lead to some back, shoulders and torso problems along with making your appearance weak and unattractive. Many spinal pains and bone issues can occur just because of a wrong posture. Our trunk needs to be straight most of the day to keep its alignment firm and steady. To serve this very purpose, Freeman Manufacturers have brought a new kind of corset called the Corset Front, which provides enough support to the torso to keep it under shape, and to make you remain healthy.

The Corset Front is a pretty nice addition to Freeman's back care accessories as it helps solve many of the spinal problems along with keeping the torso in its original alignment. The said product sticks to the body while covering the belly and chest area and provides firm support to them. This corset works by holding the torso in its upright position so that any wrong bending could be avoided. It keeps the spine straight, prevents any external harm to be done on the torso and heals the already damaged parts of the back. It also protects the torso by keeping it stabilized and under shape. Many internal joints injuries are also treated by wearing a corset for long periods of time as it provides compression to the body by focusing on the affected areas and retaining them in their original alignment.

This corset is made up of excellent material that is stretchable and feels extremely comfortable on the skin. It comes in the form of a tricot-lined white canvas with a foam inner cushion. There are five alternating 1" wide adjustable straps with slide buckles and truss-hook catches present for customized adjustability. Moreover, the product helps keep the sweat away from the skin and keeps it fresh and healthy.

Sizes Depth Width
Small Center 9"
Side 8-1/2"
Top 9-1/2"
Bottom 11-1/2"
Medium Center 9"
Side 8-1/2"
Top 10"
Bottom 12"
Large Center 9"
Side 8-1/2"
Top 12"
Bottom 14-1/2"
X-Large Center 9"
Side 8-1/2"
Top 14"
Bottom 16-1/2"
2X-Large Center 9"
Side 8-1/2"
Top 22"
Bottom 23-1/2"

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