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Contoured Pillow

Contoured Pillow


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Contoured Pillow

A contoured pillow or otherwise known as, a cervical pillow aids the neck and head in maintaining a natural curvature during sleep and reduces spinal distortion and strain. Users report ease of falling asleep, staying asleep and feeling well rested upon waking. It's comfort is mostly due to it's material, a hypoallergenic foam that gently lifts the neck and cradles the head in it's contour the same way your head naturally curves. This design relieves pressure and tension that builds up and is held in the cervical region of the spine through out the day. This design of pillow has beat out it's competitors that are stuffed to various softness and firmness and end up being either too high or too low for it's user because this pillow's design makes it like two pillows. Because contouring pillows are often made with one side larger than the other, you can turn it to the side that most fits your anatomical cervical spine and head placement. This adjustment in your sleep practice alone might relieve much of your sleeping and spinal complaints and can enhance the results of additional treatments. Speak with your physician about the details of your condition and the use of this product to most insure you achieve your desired results.

This contoured pillow is 21½" X 16" X 5" and covered with a light blue fabric cover that is removable for easy washing. It's soft in density and shrink wrapped for sanitation and your peace of mind.

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Specs: 21-1/2" X 16" X 5"
Color: Light Blue
Density: Soft/Firm

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