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Miami Jr Collars (Pediatric)

Miami Jr Collars (Pediatric)

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Miami Jr Collars.

Backed by clinical studies, this cervical brace is designed for the ambulatory patient with stable neck injuries who must wear a cervical collar for an extended period of time. Polyethylene shells provide rigid support and immobilization in all three planes of motion. Angulation of chin and occipital components are adjustable to match patient's anatomy. Contact pressure is evenly distributed across the jaw, sternum and occiput, avoiding direct pressure on the clavicle. All contact areas are lined with comfortable Sorbatex foam padding that quickly absorbs and wicks moisture away from skin for rapid evaporation and avoidance of skin breakdown. Breathable chin and occipital pads are removable for washing.

Wearing a neck brace or collar is especially restricting for adults, but it becomes infinitely more so for children, since they are supposed to burn their energy out by playing outside with their peers, not at home with a neck brace which greatly prohibits them from any movement that allows them to enjoy such activities. Sure there are games that do not require a great playing field or hyperactive children to play it, but when accidents occur and render children helplessly wear a neck collar, then Miami Jr is the best they’ve got.

This is a neck collar that is designed for children ages 12 and below. This collar comes in four sizes, all of which are based on pediatric sizes to ensure the fit on children, and for the ideal design to let the air circulate, while still immobilizing the spine. They are also based according to the Broselow-Luten Color Coding System, which means that each child is ensured that they will have what they need, if they would ever need one of Miami Jr’s. Additional qualities of this collar include pads that are exclusively made to guarantee that the collar will be friendly to the sensitive skin of children and protect it if longer periods of use are required. This also ensures greater comfort for children, who usually have short temperaments, and can become easily tired of wearing restrictive equipment such as neck collars. For children, there are worse things that can happen other than wearing neck collars, but it’s still something that they wouldn’t want to wear, if given the choice. So why not give them something that can compensate for their immobility and let them enjoy in comfort, even though most of their movements are restricted. I’m pretty sure you would like to see your kids happy even with collars around their necks because, really, who wouldn’t?


  • Sizing is to be used as a guide only. Based upon patient size, some overlap of listed age limits may occur.
Size Miami Jr Collar
w/extra pads
Miami Jr Collar
Miami Jr Collar
replacement pads
0-6 Months MJRP0 MJP0 MJPP0
6 Months-2 Years MJRP1 MJP1 MJPP1
2-6 Years MJRP2 MJP2 MJPP2
6-12 Years MJRP3 MJP3 MJPP3

Miami Jr Collar

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