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Philadelphia Stabilizer (Pediatric)

Philadelphia Stabilizer (Pediatric)

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Philadelphia Stabilizer.

This is a modular accessory that converts any Philadelphia Collar into a radiolucent two-post cervical support. Its purpose is to provide greater stability to restrict rotation, flexion and extension. Model 809 conforms to all body types and easily connects to any Philadelphia Cervical Collar by means of a single slide lock attachment. No tools are necessary. Chest adjustment is by two hook 'n pile straps. For use with 802T & 803T collars.

Neck injury or trauma can be debilitating.It can also necessitate a neck brace,the most commonly used spinal brace on the market, which your doctor would likely term “orthotics.”From whiplash in a car crash to a damaging fall on your back, spinal trauma can cause cervical fracture. If not attended to, further spinal injury can even progress to paralysis or to a more extreme case, death. This is because the spine is more fragile than most people think.

An injured individual’s movements can aggravate a cervical fracture. To prevent that, a collar might be prescribed by a healthcare professional until X-rays confirm whether or not there is, indeed, a fracture in the cervical spine. The collar will help stabilize the individual’s upper seven vertebrae. 

Neck braces, or collars, serve many purposes, from providing relief to the area of trauma after injury to stabilizing your neck and spine after surgery. And stabilizers, like the Philadelphia Stabilizer (pediatric), serve as an extension of the neck brace for added durability.

What is the Philadelphia Collar?

First off, let’s talk about the base of the stabilizer, so you have a better understanding of why you might need the attachment. The stabilizer serves as an extension of the Philadelphia collar, which is a two-piece stiff foam collar,connected by Velcro on the sides. The collar’s top portion provides support to the lower jaw, while the extended brace covers the upper thoracic spine. The large amount of area covered by the Philadelphia Collar allows for more restriction in the wearer’s range of motion, which is why it’s so often used to speed recovery following cervical spine surgery and limit pain related to neck muscle sprain.

Therapeutic uses for cervical collars include relieving stress and aching from sprains, strains and whiplash and realigning the spinal cord. They are rarely worn for long durations. Halo attachments or stabilizers may be further recommended by your physician to aid in the healing process.

If You Already Have a Collar, Why Do You Need a Philadelphia Stabilizer?

The Philadelphia Stabilizer is applied as an attachment to the Philadelphia Collar, converting it into a radiolucent double-post cervical device that offers improved stability to inhibit extension, rotation and flexing. The Model 809 provides a pair of hook n pile straps for adjusting the chest, while a side-lock attachment enables an easy connection to the Philadelphia Collar, Models 802T and 802T. The Model 809 Philadelphia Stabilizer (pediatric) is also one-size-fits-all, form-fitting to all body sizes and types.

The Philadelphia Stabilizer is not necessarily an attachment to be used during the entire healing process; it’s primarily used in early recovery, when more restriction in movement is necessary to inhibit pain and keep recovery on track. Once recovery has advanced, it’s recommended to remove the stabilizer but leave the collar on. The patient will then be able to move slightly more, while continuing in their recovery process.

By using the Model 809 Philadelphia Stabilizer (pediatric), the spine will have a better chance of reaching fully recovery so that the patient is no longer suffering or threatened by paralysis or death.

One size.

CAUTION: Stabilizer should be applied under a physician's supervision.

NOTE: Philadelphia Collar must be ordered separately.

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