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Freeman Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace

Freeman Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace

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Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace.

Made in MichiganCombo™ TLSO Taylor-type Brace is used to maintain the lower spine in a position that is neutral and provide stability to the thoracic spine for treatment of kyphotic conditions. The brace has a rigid frame that is padded and lies on the torso back from the pelvis up to shoulder blades. It also has a cloth at the front to hold the lower frame of the body. The front shoulder straps of the brace supports the upper part of the back.

The Specific features of Combo™ TLSO Taylor-type Brace and their functions

The frame of the Combo™ TLSO Taylor-type Brace is made from a heat moldable kydex thermoplastic to allow modifications for a customized fit. The lining is made of an Ortho-WickTM padding that absorbs moisture away from the body to keep the patient comfortable all the time. The adjustable hook “n pile strap in Combo™ TLSO Taylor-type Brace allows creates room for customized fit. The front strap closure makes fastening of the brace convenient. The closure is fitted with Velcro for easy and secure fastening. The apron front pocket is fitted with thermoplastics that also allow customized fit that is important for comfort. The shoulders straps of the Combo™ TLSO Taylor-type Brace are padded and adjustable to reduce pressure on the shoulders and ensure maximum comfort of the patient, give better fit and correct shoulder posture.

The side elastic of the Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace allow flexibility when the patient moves, gives better compression and fitting of the lumbo sacral region ensures Ease in putting on and removal of the brace. The full back orthosis limits motion of the lumber and lower thoracic spine hence reducing pain and preventing further deterioration of the condition hence promoting recovery for the patient. The Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace provide mild hyperextension of lumbo sacral joint. The Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace has two posterior uprights attaching to pelvic band from coccyx to thoracic spine. The Ergonomically fit design of the Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace allows wearing and tightening of the brace by the patient without the help of another person

Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace is used in these occasions:

  • This brace can be used if spinal stability has not been fully achieved even after undergoing surgical correction. It gives support and immobilizes the spine region.
  • Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace is also used instead of surgical correction as it immobilizes the region allowing for healing while reducing the risk of further injury.

Why choose Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace

Specifications like moldable kydex thermoplastic, adjustable hook “n pile strap and elastic side releases of Combo TLSO Taylor-type Brace that allow for customization of the brace make it ideal body jacket as it gives better control of position. The brace is also very comfortable to use and come in flexible sizes. It has an anatomical design that allows it to conform to body contours hence offering maximum support to the spine.

Sized according to hip measurement.

Back Height: 18".
S (32"-34")
M (36"-38")
L (40"-42")
XL (44"-46")
2XL (48"-50")

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