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Traction Spreader Bar

Traction Spreader Bar


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Traction Spreader Bar. Standard steel spreader bar.

If you are suffering from reduced muscle spasm, immobilized joint, fracture, dislocation, or any other joint pathology then the Traction Spreader Bar is right for you. Traction Spreader Bar are arrangement of bars, pulleys, ropes and weights thus, exerting a pulling force on a part of parts of the body. The purpose of the Traction Spreader Bar is to align the distal fragment to the proximal fragment. Furthermore, it is also responsible to allow for adequate exercise and maximal diversion. Also, it is also responsible for optimum nursing care.

Our exclusively designed Traction Spreader Bar, is a powerful application of a pulling force to a part of the body. If there is some dislocation or fracture in a bone, it is quite obvious to observe that the muscle groups have pulled the broken parts of the alignment. In that case, the popular remedy is the use of our Traction Spreader Bar, which is a perfect combination of traction and suspension. Proper traction and suspension helps in restoring the alignment and position. The purpose of the traction is to overcome the pull of a muscle. This new force i.e. traction is created by the combination of weights and pulleys. Weights give a steady (isotonic) power; pulleys establish and keep up steady course. The strengths therefore connected must stay steady in sum and course until the broken sections join.

Our carefully fabricated and designed Traction Spreader Bar measures 12 inches wide made up of chrome plated steel. Our Traction Spreader Bar is latex free. The eminent features of our Traction Spreader Bar is that it is round traction bar predominantly used for cervical traction. Furthermore, the composition and construction of Traction Spreader Bar mainly includes steel rod construction. All the details and listing are strongly associated only to the Traction Spreader Bar. It is worthwhile to appreciate the fact that the weight bag and ropes are not included in this product.

Available in 14" and 22" lengths.

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