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Tennis Elbow Splint (Universal)

Tennis Elbow Splint (Universal)

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Economy Universal Tennis Elbow Splint. 

A lot of activities that people do in a day to day basis involve using the arms. Many of these activities are heavy in nature and it may cause tear and stretching of the muscles. One of the injuries caused by these activities is the Tennis Elbow. Despite the name of the injury it is not only limited to tennis players only. The Tennis elbow is characterized by the inflammation of the tendons of the elbow or epicondylitis caused by overuse of the muscles of the forearm. This certain injury can be treated by icing the area for 20 minutes twice a day to help to decrease inflammation and relieve pain. One can also rest the sore muscles to inhibit the occurrence of further damage and to decrease pain. In this process a person may use medical equipment such as splints and braces.

The Economy Universal Tennis Elbow Splint is made up of soft plush flannel and elastic. This feature makes the splint comfortable to use even during extensive activities such as playing different sports. Remember that playing sports can be tiring and exerts a lot of stress to our muscles which is why wearing protective gears like universal tennis elbow splint is important.

In addition the Economic Universal Tennis Elbow Splint is also equipped with a feature called the Loop-and-lock hook 'n pile closure. This feature enables the wearer to use the splint without assistance which makes the product very convenient to wear.

It is important to use the Economy Universal Tennis Elbow Splint to temporarily relieve the pain or discomfort brought by an acute or chronic inflammation of the elbow. Please mindful of the fact that the Economy Universal Tennis Elbow Splint should only be worn during athletic activities only.

The Economic Universal Tennis Elbow Splint is available in 2” width only.

One size only.

Note: Similar to Model 7005 (pictured).

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