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Ossur Form Fit 8" Wrist Splint

Ossur Form Fit 8" Wrist Splint

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FormFit 8" Wrist Splint. 

Arthritis occurs when cartilage tissues start to degenerate. Cartilage surrounds the bones found in the joints; therefore, the movement becomes difficult when the bones are not able to move smoothly anymore. They rub against one another and that causes pain. Going through surgery is not always needed; one can use a wrist support if the case is not too extreme. And the FormFit 8” is one of best products you can go for.

Orthopedic wrist condition commonly includes pain and swelling. Both of these can be a hassle as the function of the hand is rendered useless. There is difficulty in moving the wrist and holding something. Health Mega Mall provides a flexible wrist support that easily molds according to the particular shape of one’s palm and wrist. Unlike many other supports it is not hard and stiff. This helps in reducing muscle soreness.

To aid in a full rotation of the wrist joint, the inside is lined with a very stretchable material, Lycra. Additionally, there is padding in specific places, which also varies in thickness to support muscle and joint movement and reduce pain. The padding is lightweight so the person using this product can wear it all day long. Also, the foam used is breathable open cell. This simply means that the material is more flexible and able to efficiently absorb any moisture and then release it. So, the sweat pores do not stay clogged and one can easily wear it on hot days.

The wrist support comes with a removable aluminum support. It further aids in movement and relieves pain. Moreover, this product can be adjusted according to different palm sizes so that there is no discomfort. The overall impact of using this support is soothing and quick. Patients with minor issues can use this easily affordable product for better hand and wrist movement.

Sized according to palm width.

Length: 8"

X-Small (2"-2½")
Small (2½"-3¾")
Medium (3"-4¼")
Large (3½"-4¾")
X-Large (4½"-6")

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