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Action Wrist Support

Action Wrist Support

W1-L M

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Action Wrist Support

This product has been made from premium grade nylon and neoprene to provide you the exceptional comfort you need when you are wearing it. It has been designed creatively for people whose work/sports involve a lot of wrist movement.

It also supports Carpal Tunnel which is also known as Carpal Canal and improves the overall working of your wrist to a great extent. It has been manufactured by highly skilled professional by keeping every micro detail in their mind to provide top notch wrist support.

It gives you a perfect grip as well as a more stable wrist and hand. Many people do the kind of work that involves a lot of wrist strain, i.e. typing, assembly line work, etc. This leads to a painful wrist and a numb hand. A wrist support is needed for your hand to save it from further damage. It contributes a moderate warm to your wrist which makes your Carpal tunnel relaxed so that you can work at your full potential without risking any damage to your wrist.

The objective of the Action Wrist is to provide support to the wrist joint while lifting heavy materials. Many athletes and fitness trainer use action wrist to avoid potential injuries.

Size Wrist Circumference
X-Small 5" & below
Small 5" - 6"
Medium 6" -7"
Large 7" 8"
X-Large 8" - 9"
2X-Large 9" - 10"
3x-Large 10" - 11"

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  1. Great wrist brace

     Aug 7th 2019 5 Star Review

    I've been wearing this type of brace for around 19 years. I've tried others but did not like them as well. This one works for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it keeps my wrist straight so I don't get the pins and needles feeling. I will continue to wear this brace, mostly at night, until I have my second hand's surgery.


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