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Air Flex Carpal Tunnel Splint - Left Hand

Air Flex Carpal Tunnel Splint - Left Hand


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Air Flex Carpal Tunnel Splint.

Are you suffering from numbness and tingling of hands? If you are chained in the cage of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, we are here to offer you a quality product. The Air Flex Carpal Tunnel Splint is designed to give you relief. The pneumatic splint is worn for support to relieve mild pain. This splint places the joint at its appropriate natural position and keeps holding it there. By wearing carpal tunnel splint, you can avoid the bends and cramps of hands.
For the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the wrist splint remains the part of therapy to avoid further complications. Carpal Tunnel is a very dreadful condition that torments the hands and particularly wrist bones. It is because of the fact the median nerve of wrist gets stressed and imbalanced from its natural position. This nerve is responsible for movement of hand and deteriorating pressure on nerve results in inflammation and severe agony. For this reason wrist splints are necessary to be worn because firstly, it immobilizes the effected part, then it pushes the median nerve towards its natural position and removes the pressure from wrist bones.

It is appropriately named as Air Flex splint because it has small air cavities to release the rigidity from bones. It has very soothing cushion like texture of neoprene that gently beds the thumb and fingers. The pressure can be adjusted with the help of hook and pile closure. It adds a pump as well which draws gases and bubbles to prevent the hand from bends and keeps it flexible for moving.
You can avoid pang and convulsion of hands by wearing CTL Aix Flex Carpal Tunnel Splint at night time and its support regulates the motion of joint during day time. Prolonged painful condition leads to stress and anxiety so in this regard splint may not make the symptoms disappear but it heals the burning agony.

This pneumatic support provides a unique approach to restraint of wrist motion that combines the desire for comfort with the need for optimal hand function. Inflatable air chambers control the degree of rigidity, but they do so without irritating the bony prominences of the hand. A cushioned neoprene tension strap passes between the thumb and index finger. Strap and splint are fully adjustable by hook 'n pile closure. Use is indicated for control of excessive wrist flexion and extension. An aspirator bulb is included.

To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of the arm 4" from the wrist joint. 

S (5-1/2"-7")
XL (8-1/2"-11")

NOTE: This item is discontinued. These are the only sizes available until stock is depleted.

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